My 2019 Internet Marketing Year In Review

The year 2019 flew by so fast! Last year, I didn’t do much because I traveled often. Even though I worked when I was on the road, it was difficult to focus. This year has been different. I traveled abroad only three times in 2019, so I had more time to do things I hadn’t …

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The Old School Way to Run Facebook Ad Campaigns in 2019

My Facebook Ads strategy is always changing. A few months ago, I wrote two articles about how I run Facebook Ad campaigns using Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO). Both pieces describe the strategy I use to run Facebook CBO campaigns, which basically involves using automated rules to control the performance and budget of the campaigns. Haven’t …

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How to Start Selling Print on Demand Products on Etsy

Selling print on demand products (POD) on the big marketplaces like Etsy is one of the best ways to building a passive income stream. I have been selling POD products for many years now, but only on Amazon. I have seen many do real well on Etsy, but I only started using the platform seriously …

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