[TML] ChatGPT-4o and Print-on-Demand

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Hope you’re doing great!

I finally finished updating the AI prompts we use in PODtomatic.

My team and I spent about 20 hours on this.

It was fun, and I learned a lot about tweaking the AI prompts.

I wrote around 10,000 characters of this prompt. It can create a title, description, bullet points, and keywords for a product on Amazon in one call.

Our product creation is now back to normal and even faster than before!

Now, let’s talk about using ChatGPT with PODtomatic and our plans for ChatGPT-4o.

We use AI mainly to write product info, including titles, descriptions, bullet points, and keywords for Amazon products.

Our testers received more orders with the AI-integrated version than with the old one.

AI includes related keywords in the product attributes, making our products stand out with unique info.

Well-written titles, descriptions, bullet points, and keywords help Amazon rank our products better, leading to more traffic.

More traffic means more sales for our members.

Alright, that’s what we added to V2.

A few weeks ago, ChatGPT-4o was introduced. I saw many people sharing about it on Facebook and Twitter.

There are many video demos showing cool stuff from ChatGPT-4o.

At first, I was excited but unsure how it could help our print-on-demand business.

ChatGPT-4o can communicate in real-time and see things through your camera to explain them.

I didn’t know how this could help my work.

Until I checked the full release notes on OpenAI’s page here: https://openai.com/index/hello-gpt-4o/

In the “Explorations of capabilities” section, I saw something interesting.

Now AI can produce images with the correct text we insert.

Check this:

This is an image generated by AI, showing a robot typing journal entries correctly.

Previously, AI couldn’t create a design with the correct text.

I tried using Midjourney and Stable Diffusion for t-shirt designs with text, but they rarely got the spelling right.

But it seems ChatGPT-4o can do this. We might see DALL-E (Midjourney for ChatGPT) create correct typography t-shirt designs soon.

This is good for POD.

Here’s another example. This prompt asks AI to create an image of a handwritten poem.

And this is the image generated from the prompt.

Imagine tweaking the prompt to create typography for POD products.

This is great for people who don’t know how to arrange text in a design, like me.

Here’s another example of a poem decorated with colorful doodles.

The prompt:


If we tweak the prompt, we could get unique typography designs ready for t-shirts, mugs, etc.

We have many quotes in PODtomatic V2.

If we create prompts to make nice typography designs with ChatGPT-4o, we’ll have many new designs on Amazon.

Next, ChatGPT-4o can turn images into cartoons.

Check this out:

This is perfect for sellers who offer personalized products where people upload their photos.

But as the PODtomatic builder, I found something more interesting…

In V2, I asked my development team to create a backend system to see sales stats easily.

There’s a function to see sales numbers categorized by niche.

Like this:

We focus on creating products in profession niches because they’re easy to sell.

But we also have quotes for dogs, cities, hobbies, family, and cats.

You can see that dog niches come second in sales stats.

Interestingly, there are 10,000 quotes for profession niches and only around 700 quotes for dog breeds…

Huge difference.

But sales from dog breed products are just three times less than sales from profession niches.

With ChatGPT-4o’s caricature capability, we could draw dog breeds and add our quotes to the designs.

What if we let AI draw an image of a cute dog with a quote like this?

(I got this example from a mug on Etsy.)

This would boost sales in dog niches.

There are fewer competitors, more dog owners, and we can create tons of funny, cute designs.

Not only dogs, we can do this for cat niches too.

This will be huge for PODtomatic.

We can’t access its API yet, so it might take a while for OpenAI to release it to the public.

Also, it might be costly because image generation requires lots of resources.

(We’re paying a lot for AI to write titles, descriptions, bullet points, and keywords these days lol)

But if it helps our users get more orders, we’ll find a way to do it, no matter what.

Alright, that’s it for the ChatGPT-4o updates from my view.

I haven’t checked all its capabilities yet. I quickly checked what’s interesting for PODtomatic and print-on-demand sellers.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Talk soon,

​—Bank K.

PS. If you enjoy this kind of content, please reply and let me know, and I’ll write more about it.

I use AI a lot in my print-on-demand business but haven’t written much about it because I’m not sure if it’s ‘too geeky’ for you 😅

So let me know!

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