Four things I do to crush Print-on-Demand sales this Q4

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Hey there, it’s Bank K. here, and I’m excited to share some tips with you to make this upcoming Q4 season a smashing success for your print-on-demand (POD) business on Amazon.

Let me be clear about one thing – Q4 is the real deal for POD sellers. 

It’s the time when you can make the most money. It’s like a money-making extravaganza that lasts for about three to four months straight. 

So, buckle up because it will be a rollercoaster of non-stop work. 

The hard work you put in now will pay off big time.

You see, during this holiday season, people are in a shopping frenzy. They’re trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, and POD products fit the bill perfectly. 

These products carry heartfelt messages, and that’s exactly what people want to give and receive during the holiday season.

Amazon is also where all the gift-giving action happens

It’s like the North Pole of online shopping, especially during Christmas. And guess what? Shoppers are ready to spend, and they are looking for unique gifts.

Now, here’s a little secret I want to share with you. 

From my own experience, I’ve noticed that a whopping 70-80% of my annual sales happen in just the last three months of the year. 

That’s why I believe in the power of Q4 and its potential for POD sellers like us.

So, here’s the deal: For the next three to four months, get ready to roll up your sleeves and work harder than ever. 

I’m talking about a relentless, non-stop commitment to your business.

You can take a break in January, but not now.

Because right now, it’s all about gearing up for the most profitable time of the year.

In this article, I will break down FOUR quick and easy actions you can take to maximize your sales during this upcoming Q4 season, specifically when selling print-on-demand products on Amazon.

Are you ready to dive into the details of these four actions that can supercharge your Q4 sales? 

Let’s get started with the first one!

Upload TONS of Products

Okay, let’s get straight to the nitty-gritty of crushing Q4 sales on Amazon: 

Upload TONS of products. 

Trust me, this is the easiest way to skyrocket your sales during the holiday season.

The more products you have up for grabs in your Amazon store, the more chances you have to make those sales. Simple, right?

Now, let me share a little secret sauce with you. 

Focus on two big categories:

Family and Profession. 

Why, you ask? 

Well, because families always love giving gifts to each other during the holidays. 

And guess what? Coworkers they’re in on the gifting action, too. 

I remember this one time when I was selling POD on Etsy (I had a little hiccup with my account later on, but that’s a story for another day)

I got an order for a whopping 250 coffee mugs! It was from the leader of a team. She bought those mugs for her team members. 

So, remember to add products in these Family and Professional niches.

But that’s not all. 

You need to upload products that people can give as Christmas gifts. 

Think coffee mugs, bracelets, jewelry with message cards – stuff that makes perfect presents. 

One thing that took off for me last year was Christmas Ornaments

People went crazy for them, especially the ones with funny messages. They bought loads of these ornaments for the people they loved, whether it was family or their work buddies.

Here’s a pro tip: Sell the Snowflake Ornaments from Laser Chili. 

No Laser Chili Account? Sign up here.

Everyone’s used to seeing the same old round, star, or heart-shaped ornaments. 

But these Snowflake Ornaments, they’re something special. 

They have messages engraved on them and stand out from the crowd. 

Not only can you dodge some of the competition, but you also make your gift extra unique.

So, to sum it up – upload tons of these products. 

Fill up your Amazon store with goodies, and you’ll be sure to rake in those sales.

It’s as simple as that!

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Send Winners to Amazon FBA

Alright, let’s talk about another super easy way to boost your Q4 sales: 

Send Winners to Amazon FBA. 

Now, I’ll break it down for you in simple terms.

First, you need to look at the products that have already made some sales for you. These could be your winners. 

Now, you will send them over to Amazon Warehouse, a super special place where Amazon takes care of everything for you. 

We call this FBA, which stands for Fulfillment by Amazon.

Why is this a smart move? 

Well, when your product becomes an FBA product, it gets some cool advantages. 

Like better ranking – that means more people can see it when they search for stuff. 

And guess what? Amazon Prime Members love FBA products because they can get free shipping or some other cool benefits when they buy from you.

But here’s the real magic: When someone buys your FBA product, Amazon handles the shipping lightning fast. 

Imagine this: many people buy their gifts at the very last minute. 

If you’re selling your product as FBM (that’s Fulfillment by Merchant, where you do the shipping), chances are it won’t get to them in time if they order it 24-48 hours before Christmas. 

That’s not good for business, right?

But if your product is an FBA product, Amazon can swoop in and do 1-2 days delivery like a holiday superhero. 

That means you avoid a bunch of competitors who can’t offer that fast service during those last-minute shopping frenzies.

I’ll tell you a little story. Once, I sold a coffee mug for a whopping $29.95 each during the last-minute rush. And guess what? People bought them like hotcakes because Amazon could ship them super fast for me. 

It was like magic!

So, send some of your winners to Amazon Warehouse, and you won’t regret it. It’s like having a secret weapon for Q4 sales.

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Optimize Product Listings

Alright, it’s time to talk about something that I’ve recently discovered has a big impact on boosting your Q4 sales – and it’s easier than you might think!

In the past, I didn’t pay much attention to editing the product descriptions or keywords for the stuff I had in my Amazon store. 

I was more focused on the two things I already shared with you – uploading tons of products and sending the winners to Amazon FBA.

But then, something interesting happened. I decided to try something new for fun and learn more about AI. 

I built this tool called Jesse PODMan (yeah, I like giving things funny names), and I taught it how to write product descriptions and bullet points based on my input.

So, here’s what I started doing – I used Jesse PODMan to write better product descriptions and bullet points for the products that had already made some sales. 

I did about ten products daily, which only took 30-40 minutes each time. I did this 2-3 days a week, about 20-30 products every week.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting – after doing this for about two months, I noticed something cool. 

More sales were coming in from the products I had optimized the product description and bullet points for. 

It was like a little boost in sales!

You see, most of the print-on-demand products on Amazon come with these canned template descriptions provided by the POD suppliers. 

But making your products stand out with a bit better description is like giving them a superpower.

Your products can easily rank better than those with the standard descriptions.

So, here’s my top recommendation if you want to make the most of this Q4 – optimize your product descriptions and bullet points, starting with the ones that have made you sales in the past. 

You can even use my Jesse PODMan for this. 

It’s free for everyone!

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Try Amazon Ads

Note: This tip is for people with FBA products (remember, that’s the Fulfillment by Amazon stuff). 

I tried using Amazon Ads once to promote some of my winning products, but here’s the catch – they were FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) at the time, and it didn’t work out too great. 

But if you’re curious and want to try, go ahead.

So, if you’ve got products chilling in the Amazon Warehouse (or FBA, as we call it), you might consider using Amazon Ads to get even more sales.

Here’s the cool thing about Amazon Ads – it’s not as tricky as other advertising places. 


Because it’s right there on the Amazon website, where people are already looking to buy stuff. 

You must ensure your product shows up in front of the right people and that you’re ready.

Now, here’s what I do. I mainly use what’s called Sponsored Product Ads to give my FBA products a little boost. 

There are two ways to target people with these ads: Automatic and Manual.

For the Automatic one, Amazon does the heavy lifting and chooses the keywords for you. They show your products to people based on what they think will work.

But if you want to get a bit more hands-on, there’s the Manual way. You get to pick the keywords yourself. 

I use both methods. They both work for me, but here’s the secret sauce – it depends on whether the product you’re promoting is a real winner.

Now, I’m not some Amazon Ad wizard or anything, but this is what I do, and it’s been giving me pretty good results so far. 

It’s not that tricky, especially when you’ve got a winning product on your hands.


So there you have it!

These are the four simple actions to make your Q4 sales go through the roof.

Now, if you pay attention to the first three tips, you have what it takes to make some serious money during these last three months of the year. 

I’m talking about reaching the 5-6-figure mark.

But here’s the deal: I want to be crystal clear about this – it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get to work. 

I mean, like, really work hard and don’t stop.

The time for a break is in January, not now.

This Q4 season is like a sprint, not a marathon. 

It’s intense, it’s fast, and it’s full of opportunities.

So, let’s put in the hustle, focus on those actions, and make this Q4 the most profitable one yet.

Remember, it’s all about uploading tons of products, sending your winners to Amazon FBA, optimizing those product descriptions, and trying out Amazon Ads for FBA products. 

Simple, right?

So, let’s go out there, give it our all, and rock this holiday season. Work hard now; come January, you’ll be sitting pretty and enjoying a well-deserved break.

Now, what are you waiting for? 

Let’s get to work and make this Q4 unforgettable!

—Bank K.

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