How to Crush Father’s Day Print-on-Demand Sales Using PODtomatic

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How can you crush Father’s Day sales using PODtomatic?

Just connect your Amazon and Etsy accounts to the system.

That’s it.

Are those instructions short enough?

Just kidding! 😂

Father’s Day is coming up, and you want to make sure your print-on-demand store has something for Dads. But how do you know what the best gifts are?

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you what I learned after I set up PODtomatic to upload tons of print-on-demand products to hundreds of Amazon and Etsy accounts.

You’ll see some partial system results that you can adapt to your own print-on-demand business, even if you don’t use PODtomatic. (But it’s a lot more convenient if you do use it.) 😎

Here’s my story.

Life before automation

When I hired a virtual assistant and graphic designer to run my print-on-demand business for me, I assigned them to upload three types of products to my store: coffee mugs, shot glasses, and travel mugs.

If a holiday like Father’s Day was approaching, I’d let them create products for the Father’s Day niche only.

Father’s Day is a special day for which sons and daughters will purchase a gift for their dads, right?

So, if we have many products related to fathers, there’s a good chance that people will buy some of our products.

I always let my team upload products related to any upcoming holiday.

That’s how most people normally do it, right?

We stick to product types we know are selling well and focus on trendy niches.

We all know that white coffee mugs sell well. Most people focus on creating many designs, putting them on coffee mugs, and uploading them to Amazon or Etsy.

We rarely step out of our comfort zone and try to create new product types unless someone tells us they’re also selling well.

Products like two-tone mugs, wine glasses, tumblers, or camping mugs are often overlooked.

Few people will even try to sell a black coffee mug. Most of us focus on white ones.

Furthermore, most of us usually think that if a holiday like Father’s Day is approaching, we need to create products for the Father niche alone.

This makes the Father niche very competitive because it overloads Amazon or Etsy with Father-related products.

That’s why it’s difficult to make many sales if you have only white coffee mugs in the Father niche.

Sometimes you have to break the mold to make a difference.

What I learned after PODtomatic uploaded tons of products to hundreds of Amazon and Etsy accounts

First of all, PODtomatic is a robot.

It will choose niches and product types to upload to based on the stats it has in the database.

So, the way it chooses niches and product types will differ from the way humans do it.

For example, it doesn’t care whether a white coffee mug is 100% selling better than other products.

The system will check the stats, see which niches are selling well at the moment, and upload products to those niches.

Also, even if Father’s Day is approaching, it won’t choose only the Father’s niche to create products.

Again, it will upload products in many other niches. It will check which niches are selling at the moment and upload more products in those niches.

Here’s what I learned after I let this robot upload tons of products to hundreds of our member accounts.

First, a white coffee mug is not the product type that sells the most.  

Surprised? Don’t be!

I think this is reasonable because most sellers have uploaded tons of coffee mugs in the past few years and the space is quite competitive.

And sellers aren’t just using marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy. Many of them have also used Facebook Ads to sell millions of coffee mugs in the past few years.

I think most people already have a coffee mug, and few of them want to buy new ones these days. 😂

Sure, we can’t deny that it’s a product that can sell well. After all, it’s cheap, and it’s a classy gift. But we shouldn’t forget that other sellers are trying to sell this product too.

As I said, it’s very competitive nowadays.

So, as PODtomatic uploaded various product types, I found that other products like black coffee mugs, shot glasses, travel mugs, camper mugs, two-tone coffee mugs, wine glasses, and tumblers in different colors are selling well, too.

I won’t reveal the best-selling one, because I need to keep it secret for our members. 🤫

The system also creates more of this product type for our crew.

The reason why these products sell well is that they are not competitive. Not many sellers choose to sell these product types.

As I said, most of us focus on uploading white coffee mugs because we believe they’re the best-selling products.

Our time is limited, so we should choose products that have a proven sales record, right? 😜

When PODtomatic started uploading products, it uploaded fewer white coffee mugs because it knew that other products could sell better.

Some of our members asked me to upload more white coffee mugs. I had to force the system to upload more white coffee mugs because of this.

But I had to dial it back. When the system made some sales for our members, most of them were not white coffee mugs. So I let the system choose products by itself.

Not only have I found that other product types can sell well. I’ve also learned that other niches – not just the Father niche – are selling well, even though Father’s Day is approaching.

Many sellers might be thinking that we have to be uploading tons of products for the Father’s niche at this time of year.

However, if everybody does the same thing, the space will be super competitive.

I found that other niches – like Stepdad, Father-in-Law, Grandpa, or Uncle –can sell well, too. Not all everyone is looking for a gift for their father.

Some people have a good relationship with their stepdad, father-in-law, grandpa, or uncle. They see them as a father, too.

These niches have much less competition.

Also, the system knows that Father’s Day isn’t the only thing going on at this time of year. It also knows that this is when people will buy a gift for people who have graduated.

School graduations happen graduations in May and June.

So PODtomatic doesn’t upload only Father’s Day products but also products related to professions. People can buy them graduation gifts.

These are a few of the important things I discovered by using PODtomatic.

In other words, you should try to upload various products and find other small trending niches that are less competitive.

Why is it better to use PODtomatic to upload products?

People usually have a bias.

Like I told you before, most people like to upload white coffee mugs because they believe that they’re the top-selling product, and they need to have tons of them in their stores.

But a robot has no bias. It will use hard sales stats to choose product types and niches to create new products for.

When I hired my team to do the work for me, I let them use one design to create only three products: a coffee mug, a shot glass, and a travel mug.

I prepared the product titles and keywords for them so they could create products with the exact product titles and keywords I wanted to use.

If I let them select product types to upload by themselves, I had to teach them how to select keywords to build product titles and tags.

I could also have prepared a list of many product types with product titles and tags, but it would have consumed a lot more of my time.

In my opinion, it’s more complicated to let humans do this work.

Also, it’s hard for me to know that other niches are selling well before holidays like Father’s Day.

Previously, I was like other people. If Father’s Day was coming up, I would let my team upload products only for the Father’s Day niche.

I rarely thought of niches like Father-in-Law, Grandpa, or Uncle, which have a lot less competition.

But PODtomatic will know this and create products for these “off-my-radar” niches for me.

This is a great thing about the system.

The robot has no bias and makes decisions based on the stats it has.


PODtomatic is print-on-demand software that helps you find untapped niches and products to crush your sales more easily than ever.

It has no biases, so it picks many different product types – such as coffee mugs, travel mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses, and more – without human intervention. 

As you can see, there are many opportunities to crush print-on-demand sales for Father’s Day or other holidays.

Many other niches sell well, too.

If you check the sales stats or do market research, you’ll discover that many products and niches have less competition, and you can make more sales, and more easily, from these products.

That’s what I learned by using PODtomatic.

Nothing beats automation!  

Talk soon,

—Bank K.

P.S. I forgot to mention the cost in this article. PODtomatic will upload over 15,000 products a year for you for $997 – that’s only $0.066 per product upload.

If you hire people to do it, I’m sure it will be a lot more expensive than this. 😉

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