Practical Guide on Making Massive Sales as a Print-on Demand Seller in the Q2

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by Bank K.

Is it too late to wish y’all a happy new month?

Well, I guess it is.

But it’s not too late to say, ‘Welcome to the Q2!’

And yes, we have moved into another season of sales. Although there isn’t a lot of holidays, you can still make a whole lot of sales if you properly plan towards Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Making massive sales as a POD seller in Q2 requires proper planning and strategy.

You need to foresee opportunities and prepare for them before they get to you.

One of the major secrets of becoming a successful POD seller is the ability to recognize massive sales opportunities such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

This is why I have written out this guide to provide you with a blueprint of all that you have to do in order to stay profitable.

Before we jump into the crux of this article, I would like to give you a glimpse into my Q1 performance.

I know most people saw the Q1 as a significant market drawback but not this guy!

If you read this until the end, I would give you all you need to make your Q2 profitable.

Check this out!

Reviewing Q1 performance

The last couple of months have been pretty exciting for me. And I’d tell you why.

When I was preparing for the Q1 last year, I made so many plans on the ground to ensure that I could key into all the relevant opportunities of the time.

Fortunately, I made a lot of cash in the first three months of the year, especially during Valentine’s day.

I always thought that I could not have done better. Man, I was wrong!

This year was different, in a good way.

I made good sales from Valentine’s day with both paid traffic and free traffic from Amazon and Etsy.

In fact, my total revenue from Amazon has increased by almost 40% from last year. Amazing, right?

Apart from Valentine’s Day sales, I also made many sales from the evergreen niches, such as professions.

I sent many FBA coffee mugs and travel mugs for these niches too. One of the products that I sold much more than any other was coffee mugs.

During Q1, I ordered much more boxes of coffee mugs from Alibaba to create more products in evergreen niches.

Once I had created these products, I sent them to Amazon FBA for fulfillment.

I placed more orders for the Amazon FBA mugs this year than ever before.

And I did see the result. In fact, my overall sales increased significantly.

That’s not all!

I also experienced over a 50% increase in sales on Etsy from last year. And this wasn’t a surprising thing for me, actually.

First, because I had a lot more products of Etsy this year than the previous year.

Also, Etsy is just straightforward to make good sales.

All you have to do is to keep adding much more products to your online store.

As long as you keep listing new products consistently, you will make good sales.

Now, that is just mind-blowing!

I thought I couldn’t do better, and I did. I outdid myself and broke all of my previous sales records.

Yay me!

I know you like money, and you want to make more of it. I do too. We all do!

You can also make a lot of money as I did in this Q2 if only you can follow my blueprint.

Mapping out Special Days

One of the most fundamental parts of sales as a POD seller is recognizing massive sales opportunities before they arrive and take advantage of it.

Some of the most significant sales opportunities are special days such as holidays, global celebrations, and all of that.

Since everyone would be in a frenzy, it is expected that they might want to get a gift for someone during these times.

An essential move you must make as a POD seller is to create a personal calendar for all of these special days and put a timeline within which you would be preparing for them.

This way, you can stay miles ahead of the market and start creating products in the relevant niches before the market gets saturated with thousands of other products.

If you want to make it big this Q2, you cannot ignore one central area, prepping exquisitely for special sales holidays.

The Q2 is made up of April, May, and June. Within these three months, the most notable special sales days are Mother’s Day (May 9) and Father’s Day (June 20).

If you want to make good money from the POD market this quarter, you must complete most of these two special days.

Mother’s Day (the 2nd Sunday in May)

You must know as a print-on-demand seller that you shouldn’t do planning, preparation, and marketing of holiday-related products in a rush.

It would help if you did it a few months in advance. That is the only way you won’t miss out on billion-dollar holidays such as Mother’s Day.

Most Mother’s Day purchases happen online, and most are impulse buys.

This means that if your product is attractive enough, you can get sales from people who didn’t intend to place an order in the first place.

If you want to make good money from the Mother’s Day holiday, you should know the profitable niches and start creating products there.

There are a few niches that you should begin to list products in ahead of Mother’s Day in 2021.

My research shows that most sons do more in terms of giftings than daughters on Mother’s Day. This makes it one of the largest niches and best-selling for Mother’s Day.

So, if you want to make a lot of money during Mother’s Day, you should start by listing enough ‘son to mom’ products.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should not create products for the ‘daughter to mom’ niche. In fact, it is the second highest selling niche.

You should also add more products like this to your store.

Husbands might choose to use this Mother’s Day opportunity to appreciate their wives. This is why the ‘dad to mom’ niche on Mother’s Day is also out there with some of the highest-grossing niches on this day.

One of the most emotionally captivating niches in the Mother’s Day POD market is the ‘new child to new mom’ niche. The idea is to create a product on behalf of an unborn child and send a lovely message to the mom. It is really cute!

People who love their animals would also love products that have messages from their furry friends. There are product niches such as ‘dog to dog mum,’ ‘dog to new human mom,’ or ‘cat to cat mum,’ and so on.

There are several other Mother’s Day niches that you can create products.

If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of the niches to create products in, check out my article on Best Selling Niche Ideas for Mother’s Day.

And if you are just confused about what kind of products to create, don’t worry. I got you covered.

Check out my article on How to Find the Winning Products to Sell this Mother’s Day using PODTurbo.

That should help you get started.

Father’s Day (the 3rd Sunday of June)

Preparing for Father’s Day is pretty similar to preparing for Mother’s Day. You need to reverse engineer most of your strategy, your niches, and the products.

I should make a more comprehensive post about making the most of Father’s Day this year.

Look out for it!

One of the best strategies to making great sales during Father’s day sale is to create products from your winning products during Mother’s Day sale.

So, here’s what I mean. After Mother’s Day sale, keep your eyes peeled for the products that made the most sales during the sale.

Once you have a couple of them, revamp the products to fit Father’s Day use.

You can do this by simply changing the word ‘Mom’ to ‘Dad’ at every sight of it. That’s one way to go about it.

Once you have all of these products changed to Father’s Day, try to scale it by introducing paid traffic to the equation. Take your winning products and scale them!

You should also add these products to your POD marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy.

If you still feel stuck on product niche ideas, here’s one that would fetch you a lot of money.

So, while the ‘son to mom’ niche is one of the highest-grossing niches for Mother’s Day sale, the ‘daughter to father’ niche is one of the best selling niches for Father’s Day.

And for obvious reasons too. Daughters will purchase a gift for her dad more than sons.

I should briefly state that creating personalized products from these niches is another excellent way to make so much money!

Most daughters or women who would like to get gifts for their husbands or fathers would most likely prefer personalized products.

So, you might want to create personalized products and sell them at a higher price.

Although creating personalized products takes so much time, you can earn good money from it. So, it’s quite worth it in the long run.

Personalized gifts mean that buyers can add their names, a personalized message, or a customized design for their loved ones.

People on Etsy love personalized products so much. Some might even offer to pay much more than your regular product prices.

Creating Evergreen Products

After Mother’s and Father’s day, the next best time to sell print-on-demand products will be in Q4.

So, if you don’t know the POD business’s ropes, you might pack up your store and have to wait for the next big bang sales day.

Evergreen niches are product niches that would stay in demand for the most part of the year. Things like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and professions are huge evergreen niches.

Here are some unique evergreen product niches that you can start listing products.


Family members always have a way of giving gifts even without any particular day at hand.

You can create random products around father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, cousin, niece, nephew, aunt, or uncle. 

If your product is attractive enough, you might be able to make good sales even without any big sales in view.


When it comes to creating products for professions, your options are almost endless.

You can create products for a broad profession like a doctor. You can also choose to go into more sub-professions like dentist, surgeon, or something like that.

Profession products can be bought as a gift from employer to employee and the other way round too.

Companies can also get gifts for their workers to appreciate them or celebrate a major milestone like an anniversary.

You can make products from funny quotes that say something fun or positive about a profession.

You can check out quote ideas from different sources. Play around ideas. Quotes such as “I am a Doctor, what is your superpower?”, “World Best Effin’ Lawyer” and stuff like that.

You can check out quote ideas from Pinterest, Instagram, or other products.

You can also create products for special days in different professions such as teacher’s Day, Worker’s Day, Nurse Day, Engineer Day, etc.

Dog Breeds

People love dogs, and I get why. They are adorable. This is a great sales opportunity for you as a POD seller.

There are hundreds of thousands of dog owners just in this part of the country. Not to mention other states. So, creating dog-based products can be a good source of money.

So, if you want to tap into this niche, you should create innovative and funny products based on various dog breeds.

You can start by conducting simple online research. Check out some of the most owned and domesticated dog breeds and create products around them.

Cat Breeds

Second to dogs are cats when it comes to widespread domestication.

Cat lovers are almost as crazy about their pets as most dog lovers.

You can follow the step for creating dog breed products and create cat breed products too.

You can easily sell dog and cat Breed products all year long without going out of a sale. It is a goldmine, I tell you!


If you have enough birthday-themed products listed in your store, you would rarely struggle to make sales.

This is because there is almost a birthday somewhere, every single day. And people would always want to buy something special for their friends and loved ones.

You can make products with funny quotes, funny designs, or sweet words of wishes.

Personalized orders can also help you make a lot of sales in this niche. You can add a custom text and the buyer’s name to a gift to give it a personal touch.

You can sell this kind of product all year long. As I said, it is at least one person’s person, every single day!


There are people who like to mark milestones in their job, marriage, relationship, and so on.

Creating products that can help them to commemorate these special days can be a good way to keep your business afloat.

You can either go the route of creating products from humorous quotes or choose some more romantic quotes.

Some examples of quotes are “Mr. & Mrs. [NAME] – est. 2019” as a celebration of a wedding anniversary or “5 Down, Forever to go!”

You can check out more quote ideas online or from other stores.

Graduation Day

Since there is no universal graduation day for all colleges and high schools in the US, there is a chance that there is at least one graduation day somewhere every month.

Having products listed in this area would keep you counting figures all year long.

For this niche, you can also blend it with the professional niche as well. You can use quotes like “Even a global pandemic couldn’t stop me from becoming a Doctor”, “Dr. [NAME]”

Scaling With Paid Ads

If you want to get the best results from any of your listed products, you must understand the power of scaling with paid ads.

Over the years, I have garnered vast experience and success in free and paid traffic to generate more sales for my business. You know my story. I’ve done it all!

I know what works and how it works.

Unarguably one of the best ways to scale paid traffic is an inevitable factor for online business growth. Facebook and Google are the ‘power couple’ you need to enjoy thousands of regular engagements and purchases.

It all begins with selecting your winning products from Amazon or Etsy and promoting them with paid traffic using Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

With the world’s most visited website (Google) and the world’s most populated social networking platform (Facebook) on your side, your scaling potentials are limitless!


One of the best ways to scale your products is by using Facebook Ads.

I have used this tool for some years now, and it has worked wonders for me. It would work wonders for you too, if only you use it the right way.

With Facebook Ads, you can make tons of sales within a short time.

To start, you should know that not all products on your marketplace should be scaled using Facebook Ads.

Only your winning products should be scaled.

Your winning product is an item on your marketplace that has enjoyed the most sales.

If you are using print-on-demand marketplaces such as Amazon or Etsy, you can easily check your sales stats to confirm these items.

Once you have your winning products, you can sell them well by scaling them on Facebook ads. I did exactly this for Mother’s and Father’s Day and made over $350K within a few weeks.

I should put out a disclaimer that scaling products using Facebook ads is not a sure-fire method for making six-figure sales overnight.

Well, you might get lucky. But you shouldn’t expect that much of a result yet, especially if this is your first time trying it out.

It might take a while before your product can connect to the right audience and attract the kind of sale that you hope for.

However, it remains one of the best ways to make a lot of money as a POD seller.

Google Shopping Ads

Apart from being the most visited site on the internet, Google also has some of the best tools for scaling any online business. One of them is Google Ads.

Google Ads allow you to reach a very wide audience and present you with the chance to convince a purchase out of them.

However, you cannot put up all the products on your market on Google Ads.

You would need to put up only your winning products. Find your best-selling products and scale them to the right audience.

Google ads also allow you to literally put your products in the face of people. This is a very useful tool, especially for those who might have seen it before and have refused to buy them.


You don’t have to wait for the Q4 to make 6 figures. And it all depends on what you do right NOW!

Are you going to start preparing for the next big sale day?

Are you going to create products in Mother’s Day and Father’s Day niches?

Are you going to add more evergreen products to your marketplace?

Are you scaling your products using paid ads?

Like I said, it all depends on what you are doing.

Do the right thing and get the right results.

—Bank K.

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