NFT Mini-Course for Beginners

gm fren… (Since this is an article about NFTs, I’ll open it in the NFT style. It means “Good morning, friend.”) This article is about how to get started trading NFTs and making some money. It’s about how to mint, buy, sell, and bid NFTs. (If you don’t know what “mint” means, no worries. We’ll …

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My NFT Journey – Ep.3: Diamond Hand

Read the Ep.1 – FOMORead the Ep.2 – HOLD If you minted Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) one year ago and held it, its value today would be at least 75eth (around $200,000). If you minted Genesis CyberKongz at 0.01eth one year ago and held it, today it would be worth 78eth, or around $214,000. …

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