The “unfair advantage” that Amazon sellers never told you (Part 2 of 2)

FACT: Not every product can be sold even if you use FBA to ship a product very fast or have a good ranking on Amazon.

When I sent my first few products to the Amazon warehouse, there was one product that had made no sales.

I thought it looked cool and people in that niche might like it.

Anyway, it was a fail.

Amazon sent more traffic to this product (the unfair advantage of FBA), but not many people purchased it.

The conversion rate was very bad and it took many months to sell them out.

So, if you are going to send some items to the Amazon warehouse, I recommend that you make sure that your products are proven to sell.

Don’t just send the products that have no sales in the past like I did. It’s very difficult to sell them all and you will be charged the storage fee from Amazon, too.

Don’t repeat the same mistake I made.

There are a few ways to find out which products are proven to sell.

I like selling the print-on-demand products to Amazon because I can test the products very fast without worrying about the production.

With this type of product we will create a design and put it on a product, such as a coffee mug, shot glass, travel mug, etc.

When there is an order, the supplier will start producing the product and ship it to our customer automatically.

I personally like this business model because it’s very easy to implement and low risk. There’s no need to stock the products, no upfront cost for the products, no need to worry about the fulfilment, etc.

What I have to do is create many designs in many niches and put them on many print-on-demand products.

I actually don’t do it myself, either. I have a team doing this for me. I have a graphic designer create many designs, and also have another VA to upload all products for me.

All processes are 95 percent automated. (The other 5 percent is market research, which I do by myself.)

It’s very easy to find winning products with this business model.

If there are some sales, I can scale up by creating more designs or products for the winning niches.

For example, if I see there are some sales from the Engineer mugs, I’ll ask my team to create more products for the Engineer niche.

If I see there are many sales from some particular products, I can order them in bulk and send them to FBA.

For example, if there is a coffee mug with the quote “Keep Calm, I’m an Engineer” that has sold really well in a month, I’ll order some boxes of this mug and send them to the Amazon warehouse.

The sales of this mug will increase significantly in the next month.

It’s very simple.

When you have found some winning products, all you have to do is order them in bulk and send them to FBA to make more sales.

Just like I do every month.

This is the screenshot of the order detail from CustomHappy, where I ordered boxes of mugs for FBA.

I just ordered around 40 boxes of coffee mugs last month. There are 1,440 mugs in total. The profit I make for one mug is around $5–8 depending on the Amazon fees.

There are many weird holidays each month and I have a few winning products for people in those weird niches. So I place orders in advance so they will be ready before the holidays.

This is the method I use to find winning products and scale regularly. It takes just one hour a week to work on this business.

There will be two BIG holidays in the next few months.

  • May 12 – Mother’s Day
  • June 16 – Father’s Day
  • Q4 (October – December)

Many people have made a lot of sales from these special days.

Let me show you how you can do the same.