Three Print-on-Demand Products to Sell on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is one of the best times to sell print-on-demand products because daughters and sons always try to find gifts for their mothers.

I’ve been selling print-on-demand products for years, and I always see a spike in sales in the 2-3 weeks before Mother’s Day.

These are the top weeks in the year when you can make 5-6 figures in sales by selling print-on-demand products.

If you do well, you can kick back for the rest of the year…

In this article, I’m going to share the top three print-on-demand products I sell on Mother’s Day – so you can sell them, too.

I’ll focus only on products to sell. If you want to learn more about how to sell print-on-demand products, I’ve written several articles to help you.

You can read some of them here:

Full Disclaimer: These are all print-on-demand products I sell, and I’m summarizing the sales figures using my own sales stats.

Full Disclosure: I’m the co-founder of Laser Chili, a print-on-demand provider for one of these products.

Okay, let’s get started.

Coffee Mugs

I’ve made over $174,000 by selling coffee mugs with a single design on Mother’s Day, so I can guarantee that this product sells well.

A coffee mug is a classic gift we can sell at any time of the year, on any occasion.

It’s a favorite gift that people buy and give to people they love because they’re inexpensive.

The price range for a coffee mug is usually between $10-20, excluding shipping costs.

The base cost is cheap as well.

At the time of writing, Gearbubble is doing a discount promo and offering coffee mugs – including the shipping in the United States – for only $8.50.

You can make around $10 in profit by selling one coffee mug.

Apart from the price, the design on the coffee mug is another factor people base their purchasing decisions on.

The coffee mug space is much bigger than that for other print-on-demand products. As a result, it’s easy for people to find mugs with a nice or fun message and design they want for their mothers.

If the message and design are good, your coffee mug can sell well.


The next product that sells really well before Mother’s Day is the keychain.

My team has been selling keychains for moms for Mother’s Day for years, so I’m pretty sure they’ll sell well on this holiday, too.

Keychains are similar to coffee mugs in terms of price. It’s another gift under $20 (excluding shipping), so it’s easy for people to buy this kind of product.

And it’s an item that any mom can take with her in everyday life. Most of keychains are used for car keys and left in a handbag.

If you have no idea what message to put on this product, check this out:

The message on the keychain might be something like “Mom, drive safe! I need you home with me.”

Sons or daughters love to purchase a keychain with this kind of message and give it to their moms.

The keychain will also remind their moms to drive safely.

It’s a perfect gift to buy for mom on Mother’s Day.

Please, don’t just copy this message and sell this product. My team and other sellers have sold tons of them already. Let’s find new ideas! 😛

I also personally prefer selling keychains more than coffee mugs because the design on a keychain doesn’t need to be complex.

As you can see, the space to engrave a design on a  keychain is very small. It can contain two sentences, max.

But the message doesn’t need to be long. The design can be just simple text. In the keychain above, you can see it’s just white text on a black keychain.

We only need text. Just like what you type into MS Word. No need to add any images to the design. Just type a  message and put it on the keychain.

Easy, right?

There’s no need for design skills to sell this kind of product.

Laser Chili currently provides this product for $9.90, including shipping costs in the US. You can make $10-15 in profit by selling this product.

Don’t have an account with Laser Chili yet? Then sign up here and start selling keychains for Mother’s Day for free.

Jewelry Message Cards

Another print-on-demand product I recommend you sell for Mother’s Day is a Jewelry Message Card.

This one is a bit more difficult to sell than the previous ones, because the product is a lot more expensive.

But it also means you can also make good profit from the product. We normally sell one jewelry message card for $49.99-79.99.

The base cost of this product ranges between $20-30, so there’s more margin compared to a coffee mug or keychain.

I haven’t sold many of these products yet. Most sales are from Amazon. I’ve sold a few hundred of them in the past few months.

I just asked my team to create designs in the family niche and listed tons of jewelry message cards in my Amazon account.

The designs my team created are very simple. We created 500 background templates and used them to create our cards.

You can read the full article on how my team and I did this.

I started doing this in Q4 last year and my sales increased slowly. I’m keen to see if I can sell many of them before this year’s Mother’s Day.

Once I have more and more consistent sales, I’ll check my sales stats and plan to scale.

Okay, these are the top three products I highly recommend that you sell for Mother’s Day.

If you want to learn more about which niches to sell in or the steps you need to take to sell print-on-demand products on Mother’s Day, you can learn more from my other articles:

I hope all of you crush your sales on this big holiday!

Good luck to you all!

—Bank K.

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