[TML] Amazon’s Silliest Problem for Sellers – Part. 2

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If you missed Part 1, you can catch up here – Amazon’s Silliest Problem for Sellers

So, after sending Part 1 a few days ago, I realized something:

Amazon’s got even weirder…

Lots of you replied, saying you’re dealing with the same thing.

In our PODtomatic Group, another member mentioned that the word “Durable” is trademarked…

Can you believe it? “Durable”?

Amazon could suspend seller accounts just because their products say “Durable” in the product description.

It’s crazy.

Then there’s Kip Piper, a group member, who suggested I join the Facebook group called Trademark Watch Dawgs – Stop Frivolous Trademarks.

(It’s free to join, and I’m not affiliated with them)

It’s a place where many sellers talk about trademark words.

I joined and found thousands of people facing the same issue.

Words like “Proud Mom”, “A New Day”, “Commuter”, “I know things”, “Little People”, etc. are all trademarked…

Looks like we might not be able to use common words in our products anymore.

Remember when I talked about the Trademark Prevention in PODtomatic in the previous email?

Well, it’s time for an update…(that’s too fast!)

What we’re doing now is deleting products with trademark words from our Amazon accounts.

But… let’s say we delete products with “Durable” – tons of products would vanish.

“Durable” is in lots of drinkware products like mugs and travel mugs (because they’re, well, durable…)

So I’ve asked the dev team to create a Trademark Replacement function for the backend system.

Instead of deleting products, our system will swap the trademark word with another word on Amazon.

For example, we can swap “Durable” with words like “Sturdy” or “Robust”.

(Hopefully, they won’t be trademarked soon.)

It’s a bit trickier to set up than deleting, as we need to check and update many products.

But it’s necessary. We don’t want to lose products if we can help it.

More Products = More Traffic = More Sales


We want you to keep as many products as possible, so we’re making this happen.

(By the way, it’s not quite ready yet. Our dev team’s busy working on Laser Chili integration, so this feature might be ready next week.)


Despite all this, I’m staying optimistic about Amazon (even if it’s a bit annoying).

Firstly, I think this might scare off newcomers and even some active sellers might call it quits.

Some people in the Trademark group are hesitating to list new products because they’re worried about trademarks.

Less competition means more chances for you to shine.

Secondly, I’m a big fan of automation. I’m always trying to automate everything and build up PODtomatic.

I’ll do my darnedest to solve this trademark issue in an automated way.

If it can’t be automated, I might also give up.

I’m way too lazy to delete or update my products manually…lol

And hey, I don’t think Amazon will suspend accounts right away after a trademark complaint.

Most sellers I know got their account health score back quickly after deleting products with trademark words.

When my account got suspended for using “Google” and “Target”, Amazon support helped me sort it out.

(Trust me, “Google” and “Target” are more serious than “Durable” and I still got my account back.)

So, it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Don’t give up. Stay in the game. You’ll be rewarded.

That’s all for now.

Catch you later,

​—Bank K.

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