[TML] Amazon’s Silliest Problem for Sellers

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by Bank K.

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Do you know what’s the most annoying thing for Amazon sellers?

It’s not about making products anymore, since we have many tools to help us do it easily nowadays.

It’s not about talking to customers either, as ChatGPT can help us write nice messages.

The biggest headache I’ve seen in the past few years is…

The Trademark Issue.

Yeah, I know we’re not supposed to use trademarked words like Google or Target in our product listings.

(Those two got me into trouble a few years back, but luckily, I managed to fix it and get my account back.)

We can’t use those words to get more people to see our stuff.

But lately, it’s gotten even trickier.

Over the years, lots of folks in the PODtomatic group have told me about problems with their accounts because Amazon found trademarked words in their listings.

I was surprised because I was sure our system didn’t use trademarked words in product listings.

Here are some words causing trouble lately:

“Son-in-Law” – Yep, that’s trademarked.

“Boyfriend” – Can’t sell anything about boyfriends on Amazon now?

“Akita” – Maybe “Dog” will be trademarked soon, too?

“Cute Gift” – Really common, but causing issues.

“Life is Good” – Who doesn’t want a good life?

“Badass” – I had some winners with this word.

“North Dakota” – Seriously?

“Louisiana” – Ugh…

“Funny Candles” – I sold lots of these!

And the list goes on…

These are words my PODtomatic members keep telling me about almost every week.

And many of these recent trademarked words are just common words.

The people trademarking these words are a little crazy.

And Amazon is even crazier for punishing sellers who use these words.

The sad news is – we can’t do much about it.

Even if you try to explain to Amazon, they’ll just tell you to stop selling those things.

I tried emailing Amazon but got a useless reply, and they asked for a lot of documents, so I gave up.

We just have to accept it, unfortunately.

We need to check our Amazon account every day to see if there are any trademark issues and close any listings causing problems.

This is a big headache for me and my members because PODtomatic uploads 200 products a day.

We use AI to write product titles, descriptions, and keywords, so sometimes the AI uses everyday words that are trademarks.

So, I had my team build a “Trademark Prevention” function for PODtomatic AI.

Whenever we find a new trademarked word, I add it to the system.

Then, if any products we’re going to upload have those words, the AI will redo everything to avoid them.

And when the AI makes new products, it makes sure not to use trademarked words.

That’s the plan for the products in our system.

But we still have to deal with products that are already on Amazon.

I don’t want to delete them manually, and most of our members don’t either.

So our system will also scan for trademark keywords in uploaded products and remove them from Amazon accounts automatically.

This will make our Amazon accounts safer.

But we still need input from our members for new trademarked words, and luckily, they’re great at reporting them.

I made the Trademark Prevention this way because I’m lazy and know my people are, too.

So I’m trying to automate as much as possible.

Alright, that’s it for this email.

Just wanted to rant about Amazon nonsense and share the new system in our PODtomatic AI.

To all the lazy automators out there,

​—Bank K.

P.S. My Amazon account doesn’t have this trademark issue much.

I mean, no one who owns common-word trademarks has filed against me.

Maybe it’s because my account is branded? I registered my brand a few years ago, so no shady sellers bother me.

I’m not sure if that’s the reason, but I’m just throwing it out there.

Trademark registration can be pricey, though—I paid around $3,000 for it, so keep that in mind!

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