[TML] Another reason why your amazon orders might not be coming in

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by Bank K.

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A few weeks ago, I emailed PODtomatic V2 testers to check if there were issues with GTIN Exemption on their accounts.

This issue has caused many products to show as “Unavailable” on Amazon, meaning people can’t buy them.

Many didn’t realize this, which led to no sales.

This made me very sad…

But after fixing this, sales started happening. I’ve seen an increase in orders on PODtomatic.

Recently, I found another reason why orders might not be coming in.

I want to share this with all my subscribers, not just PODtomatic members, because it might help many people.

Thanks to Dan, one of our PODtomatic testers, for bringing this to my attention.

If you remember Lindzay, he’s one of the people who made many orders from V2.

I added Lindzay and Dan to PODtomatic V2 on the same day.

Lindzay has ID 15 and Dan has ID 18. The system started uploading products for them almost the same day.

While Lindzay made 20+ sales from PODtomatic V2 earlier this month, Dan didn’t make any sales.

I wondered why…

I asked Dan to check his account for any issues.

There might be a problem with the payment or account verification, but I wasn’t sure.

The system had already uploaded 11k products to his account, but he hadn’t made any sales.

Dan told me there were no issues with his account.

I thought Dan was just unlucky…

After emailing Dan, I always checked for orders from member ID 18 (Dan) in PODtomatic. But there were never any orders for him…

A few days ago, I went to the recently uploaded products page and saw the products uploaded to Dan’s account.

I found the problem…

Here it is:

This screenshot was taken on May 23.

Do you notice something?

The delivery time for this product is June 17 – July 10…

It means if people purchase Dan’s product today, they need to wait at least 25 to 48 days.

No one will buy a product with such a long wait time.

Dan is not from the US, so he used his home address for the shipping address in his Amazon account. This caused no sales on his account.

I asked Dan to check the shipping address and change it to a US address. I suggested he use the Laser Chili address, which is in the US.

He updated the shipping address on May 27.

This is the email he sent me this morning:

Read from bottom to top

He said he made 2 sales already since changing the shipping address.


Transit time has a huge impact on people’s decision to buy.

So if you haven’t made many sales yet, check the shipping address in your Amazon account and make sure to set it to a US address.

I just updated the guide on the PODtomatic website. You can check it here – https://www.podtomatic.com/how-to

Look at number 3. Set Up Shipping on Amazon.

You can follow the instructions there.

Thanks, Dan, for allowing me to share his story.

I’m sure this will be useful for many people.

That’s it for this email.

Talk soon,

​—Bank K.

P.S. If you find that you have this problem, please reply to this email and let me know.

I’d like to know how many people haven’t changed their shipping address to the US.

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