[TML] Boost Amazon traffic with Trick #2

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I hope you’re doing great!

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying working on improving PODtomatic AI these days because it seems like what we’ve added to the new system is working.

Currently, we’re not in the high-selling season like Q4, but many testers have told me that they’ve just received their first order from PODtomatic AI.

Check out these screenshots:

One of our friends received their first order after uploading 1.6k listings through PODtomatic.

Another friend joined on March 16th, added 665 products, and received their first order!

Yet another friend also received their first order from PODtomatic v2 as well! We appreciate his kind words.

To be honest, when I let some of our members try PODtomatic AI, I didn’t expect that we would start making sales right from the start.

Right now, we’re in March, another slow month for print on demand. We might see more sales next month because of the upcoming Mother’s Day.

But from my stats, 80% of the sales will be made in Q4.

So I feel relieved when I see that this new system is starting to make sales for our members. It seems like what our team has put into the new PODtomatic is working.

AI plays a crucial role here, as I mentioned before.

But that’s just the first trick.

The second trick that I believe has made products from PODtomatic more visible than before is…

Better Product Images.

In the previous version, PODtomatic uploaded just 1-2 images for one product, and the design on the product was quite blurry.

In this version, we’ve used new technology to make the design on a product sharper and add more images ‘with designs’ for one product.

Take a look at the examples of the candle we’ve uploaded here:

There are three product mockups, and every mockup has the design on the product (previously only the first mockup would have the design).

Or check out the keychain here:

Amazon suggested that we create more image mockups for one product, so we did, and it seems to have helped visibility as well.

In addition to visibility, I believe it also helps people make better decisions because they see the product from more angles.

That’s it. This is Trick #2.

If you want to get more traffic from Amazon to your listing, add more images to it.

I used to do this manually with my winning products, so I applied it to PODtomatic AI, and it seems to be working.

Anyway, this is just the beginning, so PODtomatic AI might just be lucky, haha. We need to see how it performs in the long term.

Alright, I’m getting back to work now.

Talk soon,

—Bank K.

P.S. In the next email, I’ll show you the latest thing we’ve added to PODtomatic, and it will have a BIG impact on our members’ accounts.

Stay tuned!

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