[TML] First Amazon Order from PODtomatic AI

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Hope you’re doing great!

I’m sending this email a bit early because I’m excited to share some news: PODtomatic AI just placed its first order!

(I’m the type to share stuff right away, so yeah, here’s another email about it… lol)

Take a look:

This order came from my account, where PODtomatic AI uploaded about 2800 products. It’s a cool keychain from Laser Chili.

Having more product images in the Amazon listing really seems to help.

Plus, the product title, bullet points, description, and keywords, all written by AI, also made a difference because they included lots of related keywords.

If you’re not using AI in your business, you’re missing out. Check out my previous email where I talked about this.

Now, this might just be luck. We still need to see if everything we added to PODtomatic AI actually works.

But it’s a promising start.

Besides that order, I also made some passive sales today selling FBM products.

Made 7 orders from FBM products today.

The profits are around $60-70.

Not bad for not doing much. These products were uploaded from PODtomatic, and by virtual assistants I hired many years ago.

As I mentioned recently, my focus this year is on uploading more products and optimizing the ones that sell.

Seems like it’s paying off.

Alright, that’s all for this week’s email.

Back to work with my developers to finish the ordering system in PODtomatic AI.

Yeah… I need to manually fulfill the order I just made because PODtomatic AI doesn’t have an ordering function yet, lol.

Thanks for reading.

Talk to you soon,

​—Bank K.

P.S. For those who want to join PODtomatic AI, unfortunately, we’re not accepting new members yet.

We’re working on the new system and will migrate existing members first.

But you can join the waitlist by clicking the link here, and I’ll let you know when we’re ready to accept new members.

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