[TML] First Month Results from PODtomatic V2

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Can you believe it’s already May?

My team and I started working on PODtomatic V2 back in November last year.

Now, it’s been 6 months already, and it feels like time has flown by so quickly!

We’ve made a lot of improvements to V2 during this time.

It feels like we were just working on it a few months ago, but it’s been half a year already. Time really flies!

We recently welcomed some testers to try out PODtomatic V2 about a month ago.

Here are the latest stats from all users in V2:

Currently, V2 has uploaded 252,804 products and received 127 orders so far, averaging 1 order for every 2000 uploads.

Hopefully, these products will keep generating repeat sales and bring this number down even further.

Not bad, right? 🙂

Let me share my own stats:

I personally made 16+1 orders from 11,413 uploads as well. (+1 because there was one order I got from the testing product that wasn’t pulled into the system)

That’s an average of 1 order for every 700 uploaded products for me. I’ve been using V2 for almost two months.

Some might think,

“Hey, you’ve only made 8 orders a month from V2? That’s not enough to cover Amazon Selling Fees and PODtomatic costs!”

I know some people might be thinking this.

But hey, do you think all these uploaded products will disappear from your account and never make a sale again?

Absolutely not!

These products are still in your Amazon account and they will keep making repeated sales.

Think of these products as your assets.

Selling print-on-demand on Amazon isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme where you make tons of money right from the start.

It takes time, but the number of sales increases over time.

Also, 10 out of my 16 sales are from the second month.

The number keeps increasing from month 1 to month 2.

Let me share the Upload and Order Stats of all users in V2 again.

If you check the Total Uploads and Total Orders, you’ll see that V2 is making 1 order for every around 2000 uploads (252804/127 = 1990).

Now, let’s check the 30-day stats.

V2 is making 1 order for every around 1400 uploads (162258/112 = 1448).

What does this mean?

It means that we’re making more sales from fewer uploads as time passes.

There are some products that didn’t make a sale in the first month but started making sales recently.

So if you let V2 keep uploading new products to your account every day, you’ll make more sales from the increasing number of products you have.

Let me show you another stat from my account.

I just noticed that I’ve been getting an order a day for 4 days straight from V2.

This is pretty cool!

I can’t wait to see what our members’ accounts look like when they have more products in their Amazon accounts.

I’ll update you about this every month from now to share the progress 🙂

Catch you later,

​—Bank K.

PS. I just got an email from our friend, Lindzay. He just shared his recent results too.

He’s been a tester of V2 for about a month.

Check out his email here:

You can check his screenshot above.

He just made 4 sales in the past two days.

I’m very happy with his results!

Hopefully, V2 can make tons more sales for our members 🙂

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