[TML] Just Made $654 While Soaking in an Onsen!

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Hope you’re doing well.

I flew from Korea to Japan two days ago. Just knew that the flight took only one and a half hours from Seoul to Fukuoka.

Yesterday, I visited Beppu, a charming onsen town in Japan known for its hot springs.

As Beppu is the birthplace of onsen culture in Japan, I made the bold decision to experience the traditional onsen bath (quite the adventure, I must say!) and soaked in the rejuvenating waters for about 30 minutes.

After the long walks I had in Korea, averaging around 18,000 steps per day over the past 10 days, the onsen experience was incredibly relaxing.

I fell asleep shortly after my soak and woke up to a pleasant surprise when I checked my phone (a bad habit, I know) — I had earned $654 from Amazon the previous day.

Here’s the proof:

(If you’re curious why my current balance on the right is negative, it’s because Amazon just sent me the payment yesterday. The balance shows as negative due to ad and FBA fees.)

All the orders were forwarded to my suppliers to fulfill and ship the products to my customers, while I was busy unwinding in the onsen and catching up on sleep.

This is the beauty of selling print-on-demand products on Amazon.

Once you have a solid lineup of winning products, they practically sell themselves without much of your intervention.

Even the testers currently trying out PODtomatic V2 are seeing results.

We’ve had it open for about a month now, and most testers have already received orders.

One tester opened the account for about 15 days and received three orders without making any updates to their listings—quite impressive!

I’m confident that our members will start seeing more consistent orders as we continue to add more products to our Amazon accounts.

V2 has seen significant improvements over V1, and we’re thrilled with the results thus far.

Well, that’s all for this sort of ‘bragging’ email.

It’s getting late here, and I’m excited to hunt down some One Piece statues in Kumamoto tomorrow.

So I’m going to bed now.

Catch up with you soon,

​—Bank K.

PS. If you’re interested in trying out PODtomatic V2, I regret to inform you that we’re not currently accepting new testers due to server constraints.

However, we’re actively working on adding new servers to accommodate more members. I’ll keep you posted on when we’re ready to onboard new testers.

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