[TML] The *not-so-secret* way to sell POD on Amazon

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Hope you’re doing great!

Today, I want to share a *not-so-secret* way to sell your printed-on-demand items on Amazon and tell you about my latest results.

I call it *not-so-secret* because I’ve been writing about it for years lol

To sell your POD stuff regularly, it’s pretty simple – just upload new products every day.

The more products you have, the more chances you’ll have to make sales.

But to stand out from the competition, you need to do things a bit differently.

Instead of sticking to just a few niches, try creating products in lots of different niches.

For instance, with Mother’s Day coming up, instead of only making products for moms, mix it up.

Why? Because lots of people will be doing the same thing – creating products for mothers – 100% guaranteed!

You’ll see loads of mom-themed coffee mugs and shirts on Amazon.

So, try adding something extra to yours.

Instead of just “Mom” stuff, try things like “Engineer Mom,” “Teacher Mom,” “Nurse Mom,” “Poodle Mom,” or “Cat Mom.”

You’ll have way fewer competitors that way.

PODtomatic V2 has attached Mother’s Day-related keywords to all products in various niches, helping our members make many recent sales.

And we’re doing the same for Father’s Day too!

Now, all products uploaded from PODtomatic V2 come with many Father’s Day-related keywords.

Want to stand out even more?

Create different types of products.

Don’t just stick to popular ones like shirts or mugs.

There are tons of print-on-demand products you can make these days, like shot glasses, tumblers, bracelets, necklaces, keychains, and more.

Before, I mainly focused on making coffee mugs, shot glasses, and travel mugs because they sold well for me.

But when my team updated PODtomatic V2, we started uploading other types of products too, like 15oz coffee mugs (we only had 11oz before), two-tone coffee mugs in four colors (instead of just one color per listing), tumblers, candles, bracelets, keychains, and more.

After running V2 for a while, I discovered something surprising:

  • The 11oz white coffee mug isn’t the best-seller anymore.
  • Shot glasses and travel mugs aren’t in the top three.

The best-selling product wasn’t what I expected!

Can you guess what it is?

Go on, give it a try 🙂






Take a guess! I’ll reveal the answer in the next email, hehe…

So, here’s the *not-so-secret* formula for consistent Amazon sales:

  • Upload new products every day.
  • Create products in different niches.
  • Make lots of different types of products.

Amazon only charges you $39.99 a month, and they don’t hit you with listing fees like Etsy does – take advantage of that.

Okay, let’s take a look at some results:

I recently sold 10 FBM products in one day.

These aren’t FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) products, which get special perks and sell easier.

The products vary from white coffee mugs to travel mugs, shot glasses, and keychains.

They cover different niches, from family to professions to geography.

Take a look at the years I uploaded each product:

2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2023

This is why uploading new products every day is so important.

Even if they don’t sell right away, they could still make sales years later.

Think of them as your assets.

The more products you have, the more sales you’ll make 🙂

Okay, that’s all for this email.

I’ll reveal the top-selling product in PODtomatic V2 later on.

Stay tuned.

Talk soon,

​—Bank K.

PS. If you’re an active member of PODtomatic and want to try out V2, just reply to this email. I’ll set up an account for you to try it out.

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