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Remember what I mentioned in the previous email?

And this is how the crypto market looks today…

Most coins have been on the rise lately, with Bitcoin reaching $63k yesterday.

Congratulations if you’ve been spending your spare time in Crypto.

You could be making significant profits this time around (don’t forget to take some profits).

Alright, this email won’t be about print-on-demand.

I just wanted to share my personal experience.

As someone who has been working as an internet entrepreneur for a long time, I know that things change fast in this industry.

When I started out, I made a lot of money from Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate by launching many niche websites.

Then Google penalized all my websites, and I couldn’t make good money from AdSense and Amazon again.

PPV Traffic was making good money for me for like 1-2 years before LeadImpact (one of the top PPV networks back then) closed their business.

Facebook Messenger was one of the easiest ways to make tons of sales from free traffic in 2019 before it became more restricted.

Facebook Ads were SO DAMN CHEAP back in 2014 before many people started using it, and costs increased significantly since then.

Yada yada yada…

Your $1000/day income could disappear overnight in this industry.

That’s why I ALWAYS advise people I know to invest the money they earn wisely.

This could involve:

  • Reinvesting in yourself
  • Reinvesting in your business
  • Investing in the Stock Market/Crypto

Don’t use it to buy flashy stuff like homes, luxury cars, parties, or bad debts etc.

It’s quite risky to spend your money on things like that because you don’t know how long you could make money like you do today.

Keep and grow your wealth in YOU or your business.

Always learn new things, read books, use money to try new things for your business, etc.

Invest in something that can give you a return.

Anyway, I don’t recommend you buy any stocks or crypto.

If you want to get into these things, make sure to learn about them first.

I lost a lot of money in crypto in 2022, but I started reading and learning about it a lot more seriously in 2023.

I’ve almost recouped my losses now, and I’m sure I could make a lot more in this bull run.

So, make sure to read a lot.

Alright, that’s it for this email.

I’ll go back to diving into my crypto stuff.

Talk soon,

​—Bank K.

P.S. Just wanted to share an “ugly mug” I recently sold a few days ago.

Yeah, still just Arial font and center-aligned.

Then I reinvested profits from this “ugly mug” into crypto.

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