[TML] We Just Rescued 143,144 Products from Deletion

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Last week, we created a new feature​ called Trademark Deletion for PODtomatic V2.

This function addresses a significant issue that many of our members have faced in recent years.

The problem arises when common words like “Boyfriend,” “Son-in-Law,” or “EMT” become trademarked.

If these words appear in our product titles, descriptions, or bullet points and are reported by trademark owners, Amazon might penalize our account health, potentially leading to suspension.

To prevent this, we developed the Trademark Deletion, which automatically removes products containing trademarked words from our members’ Amazon accounts.

Initially, I added words like “Boyfriends” and “Son-in-Law” to PODtomatic V2, resulting in the removal of numerous affected products.

However, Amazon’s regulations became even stricter.

Surprisingly, words as common as “Durable,” “Commuter,” or “Proud Mom” are now trademarked too.

When members reported “Durable” as a trademarked word, I hesitated to add it to our trademark deletion tool.

This word is so commonly used, especially for products like coffee mugs, travel mugs, or tumblers.

To assess the impact, I asked my developer to check how many products we had uploaded containing the word “Durable.”

It turned out to be a whopping 143,144 products…

Losing these products would have been a significant blow to our members’ potential sales.

So instead of deleting these products, I ask my team to develop another feature called Trademark Replacement.

This function replaces trademarked words with alternatives.

Within three days, our team developed and implemented the Trademark Replacement function.

We tested it by replacing “Durable” with “Sturdy” in product titles, descriptions, and bullet points, rescuing all 143,144 products from deletion.

I’m thrilled with the outcome, knowing that these products can continue generating sales for our members.

More products mean more visibility and, ultimately, more sales for our members.

I’m hopeful that these rescued products will lead to even more success in the future.

As I continue my travels, I’ll provide further updates soon.

Talk to you later,

​—Bank K.

P.S. PODtomatic V2 also just replaced “Girlfriend” with “Sweetheart,” “Artistry” with “Creativity,” and “pick-me-up” with “boost.”

Looks like the Trademark Replacement feature is already proving its worth!

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