[TML] What to do next when you start making some orders on Amazon

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by Bank K.

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Hope you’re doing great!

Our members at PODtomatic have started making some orders, and some people asked me, “What to do next?”

Before going into the details, let me show you some stats from our system.

I just asked my developer to add two columns: the total uploaded products and the total orders for each user.

It’s pretty interesting.

We have been uploading products for our members for about two months, and many of them have made over 10 orders.

If you divide the number of uploaded products by the total orders, you can see that PODtomatic averages 1 order for every 1,000-1,500 uploaded products.

This is pretty impressive.

So, back to the question, “What to do next after making some sales?”

There are two main things I usually do when I make a sale from a new product.

First, I’ll optimize the listing of the product that just made a sale.

When a product is uploaded from PODtomatic, the product title, description, and bullet points are written well by AI.

But you can still make them better.

Try to add more related keywords to the listing. You can also use AI to rewrite it and add more related keywords.

PODtomatic will upload a product with more than 2 mockup images, but Amazon still suggests sellers upload more images.

More images help people see the products from different angles and make a decision easier.

So, you can create more mockup images and add them to your product. You can find more mockup images from Gearbubble or Laser Chili group.

If the products are general like a coffee mug, tumbler, or camping mug, you can find many nice mockup images from CreativeFabrica.

I mostly use CreativeFabrica when I need more mockup images.

Second, you may consider sending the winning product to Amazon Warehouse, or what we call Amazon FBA.

When your product becomes an FBA product, it will have some perks from Amazon, like getting a better ranking and shipping faster.

Amazon Prime Members love FBA products because they get some benefits from buying FBA products. Most people in the US are Amazon Prime Members, so you will make more sales when you have FBA products.

Gearbubble and Laser Chili provide FBA services. You can buy products in bulk, and they will send them to Amazon.

But before sending any product to FBA, you need to make sure that it’s really selling well.

Check the traffic volume for the niche of the product you’re going to send and the competitors on Amazon in the same niche.

Start by sending a few units to make sure that they can sell out fast. Otherwise, they will get stuck in the Amazon Warehouse, and you will need to pay for the storage fee.

So, do your homework before sending FBA products.

I wrote some content about FBA, which you can check here:

Alright, these are the two things I usually do when I make a sale from a new product.

Hope you get some ideas!

Talk soon,

​—Bank K.

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