Top Print-on-Demand Niches and Quote Ideas for July

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July is actually the beginning of the quiet period in the print-on-demand business.

We won’t make many sales until October because there are no big holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Christmas during this period.

Print-on-Demand is a gift-based product, so if there are no holidays, there won’t be many sales to make.

But there are still some ‘evergreen’ niches we can target to make some decent money in July.

Although our sales might not be as high as they get during the holidays, we can still make sales. That’s because there are so few competitors in these niches.

You’ll get 10 FREE quotes for each niche in this article.

They’ve all been generated with A.I. Quote. Feel free to use them to create your own designs and products.

Okay, let’s get into it!

1. Aerospace Engineer

Date: July 20 – Space Exploration Day

July 20, 1969 is the day when American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the Moon.

People in space-related professions recognize the importance of this day, and it’s a chance for them to buy a gift for their colleagues or themselves.

Aerospace Engineer is the niche I recommend you create print-on-demand products for. It’s actually one of my top-selling niches.

I have a few Aerospace Engineer coffee mugs and travel mugs on Amazon, and they’ve been selling well for years.

Product Ideas: Coffee Mug, Travel Mug, Bracelets.

Free Quotes:

  • I’m sorry Honey. I’m Not High Maintenance… I’m Just Highly Successful.
  • I’m an Aerospace Engineer. I Don’t Always Know What I’m Doing But I Do It Anyway.
  • If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Doing What Your Aerospace Engineer Said To Do and See If That Helps Any.
  • The Best Thing About Dating an Aerospace Engineer? She’ll Fix Your Car For Free!
  • I’m in love with an aerospace engineer but it isn’t working out because he keeps bailing out every time we land…
  • My Husband is an Aerospace Engineer who Keeps Me on the Ground while his Airplane soars into Dreams!
  • Read This Twice Before Asking an Aerospace Engineer For a Date.
  • The Reason Why I Love Being A Aerospace Engineer Is That You Get to Fly Without Leaving the Ground…  🙂
  • My Favorite Type of Engineers Is Aerospace Engineer Because They Make Everything Fly Except Their Relationships.
  • My Dad Is An Aerospace Engineer… When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Just Like Him… But With A Different Job…  🙂

2. System Administrator

Date: July 29 – System Administrator Appreciation Day

Every company has a System Administrator. They’re the people who make your network secure, keep your computer up and running, etc.

There are over 52,550 computer system administrators in the United States, and according to stats from Zippia, 82.7% of them are men.

Some colleagues, especially team leaders, will purchase gifts for their team members to celebrate this appreciation day.

I have a winning product in another niche that’s very similar to this one, and I get many BIG orders (5-10 units) when that niche’s annual appreciation day comes up.

I suspect the System Administrator niche could produce the same results.

Product Ideas: Coffee Mug, Travel Mug

Free Quotes:

  • I’m a System Administrator. I Break Things to Make Them Better.
  • I’m A System Administrator. That Means I Can Break Into Your Computer Anytime I Want.
  • System Administrator. I Have the Last Word in Any Argument, Period.
  • System Administrator. Just Because I Can Fix It Doesn’t Mean You Broke It
  • I’m a System Administrator. Not a Mind Reader So Please Speak Clearly When Giving Me Instructions.
  • If You Can’t Understand My System Administrator Sense Of Humor, You’re Not Technically Literate.
  • What Part of “Ignore Everything I Say” Do You Not Understand?
  • I’m a System Administrator. Not Only Can I Fix Your Computer, but I Can Also Break It
  • I’m a System Administrator, Not Computer Repair Technician.
  • The Difference Between a .pdf File and a Male System Administrator? A .pdf file Won’t Lie to You About Fixing Your Computer Problem.

3-4. Aunt and Uncle

Date: July 26 – National Aunts and Uncles Day

We made tons of sales on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day  this year, so why can’t we do the same with the upcoming Aunts and Uncles Day?

Most people have a nice relationship with their parents’ siblings. This holiday gives them an opportunity to spend time with their aunts and uncles and also give them a nice gift.

So, don’t sleep on this opportunity, guys. It’s time to create and upload print-on-demand products for Aunts and Uncles Day! It’s coming up soon!

Product Ideas:

For Aunt: Jewelry Message Card, Rope Bracelet

For Uncle: Black Bracelet, Keychain (for car keys)

Free Quotes (For Aunt):

  • Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman with an Ugly Nephew.
  • My Aunt Can’t Fix Stupid But She Can Mute It.
  • My Aunt Is Not Only Hot, She’s Got A Heart of Gold.
  • The Good Part of Having an Aunt with PMS is that She Let’s Me Do Her Makeup.
  • Best Mom Ever-Lives Next Door to Her Sister Who’s Also The Best Mom Ever.
  • Best Aunt Ever- Raises the Smart Kids Next Door to Her Sister Who’s Also The Best Mom Ever.
  • My Aunt Is a Bitch on Wheels but She Knows How to Fix Everything in a Flash.
  • God Made My Auntie Hot So I Can Flirt Without Feeling Guilty About It Later.
  • My Aunt Is Like My Mom, Only Hotter and Sexier.
  • Not Only Can This Woman Fix Stupid, She Can Also Mend Hearts And Change Lives. My Amazing Aunt!

Free Quotes (For Uncle):

  • When I’m Drunk That Is When My Uncle Becomes My Father.
  • If I’m Drunk, Don’t Follow My Uncle’s Example.
  • If the Kids Aren’t Alright, it’s probably Their Uncle’s Fault.
  • I Am Not Spoiled, My Uncle is a Millionaire.
  • I Can’t Call My Uncle an Alcoholic, He Holds His Beer Better Than Me.
  • I Get Everything I Need from My Uncle, Except Money.
  • I Love My Uncle, He Gives Me $200 Each Time I Come Over.
  • My Uncle and I Are Twins, We Only Differ by 18 Years.
  • Drunk Driving isn’t Cool until Your Uncle is the Driver.
  • When I Grow Up I want to be Just like My Uncle, But with Money.

5. Father-in-law

Date: July 30 – Father-in-Law Day

Here’s another family-related holiday that helps you sell print-on-demand products.

Sons-in-law or daughters-in-law will use this opportunity to show love to their father-in-law. And chances are good they’ll also want to buy him a nice present.

So, create some print-on-demand products for Fathers-in-Law and try to sell them to married people!

Product Ideas: Coffee Mug, Black Bracelet, Keychain (for car keys)

Free Quotes:

  • The Best Thing about being a Father in Law is that when your daughter-in-law talks trash about you, no one believes her.
  • I’m a Father in law, Not a Mind Reader.
  • Success In Marriage = 1 + 1 = 3 ! – – Yes, My Wife and My Father in Law.
  • Dear Father-in-Law, I’m Sorry That Your Son Married a Smart Bitch Like Me.
  • Best Friend of My Husband. Also Known as His Father in law.
  • I’m a Father in law. My Level of Understanding Depends On Your Level Of Nonsense.
  • I’m Not Only A DAD But Also A GREAT FATHER IN LAW.
  • My Father in Law is a wise man, he just speaks in riddles.
  • My Dad Is A Great Father And Also A Wonderful Father In Law To My Husband.
  • I Love My Father In Law, Always in a good mood because I can always make him angry!

That’s it.

These are some interesting niches you can create print-on-demand products for this July.

Don’t forget that although it’s a slow-selling period, you can still make sales in these small niches.

And if you want more quotes like these, let A.I. Quote write them for you!

Then you can use PODTurbo or Laser Chili to upload the products I suggested above.

Happy Selling!

—Bank K.

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