[TML] Top-Selling Product in PODtomatic V2

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Alright, alright, alright…

In the last email, I asked you to guess what the top-selling product in PODtomatic V2 is.

And I promised to reveal it in the next email.

Sorry for the delay.

I’ve been very busy working on PODtomatic-related stuff.

We’re going to accept new members to PODtomatic V2 soon, so I want to make sure we have everything ready for them to get started easily.

I’m working on two pages for newcomers:

My developers are busy with the V2 system, so I need to create these pages myself…

Although I graduated in Computer Science a long time ago, I’m not familiar with the technology stacks we use in PODtomatic.

Creating web pages using HTML is easy. It’s not much different from what I learned over ten years ago.

But my developers told me I need to use GitHub to upload my pages to the server.

Do you know GitHub?

No worries if you don’t. I heard about it a long time ago but never knew how it works too lol

I had to learn how to use it last week to upload these two pages to the PODtomatic website.

Yeah, it took my blood, sweat, and tears to do this.

I was a bit afraid every time I uploaded something new to the website. So please check them out and let me know if they’re good lol

Sorry for chatting about stuff you might not relate to (but coding is fun if you want to try 😅).

Let’s get back to print-on-demand stuff.

So, can you guess what the top-selling product in PODtomatic V2 is recently?

11oz Coffee Mug? – nahhhh

Shot glass? – Nope

Travel Mug? – not right

Well, let me give you a hint…

It begins with “C”…

But not a coffee mug or camping mug.

It’s a Candle.

Yeah, surprised?

I was a bit surprised, too, when I found this out.

Check this screenshot:

So far, PODtomatic V2 has placed around 220 orders, including 28 units of the 9-oz Vanilla Soy Candle.

When I started selling print-on-demand products, I only had my team create and upload 11oz coffee mugs, shot glasses, and travel mugs.

I never realized that candles could sell well, too.

If you check the screenshot above, you might think that coffee mugs are the top-selling products if you combine 11oz and 15oz white coffee mugs together.

Yeah, you’re right.

But I’m still surprised, too.

15oz white coffee mugs, 11oz black coffee mugs, camping mugs, Pink two-tone coffee mugs, and Red two-tone coffee mugs were out of my radar before creating PODtomatic.

Especially with the two-tone coffee mugs, I thought the Black two-tone coffee mug was the top-selling color, but it’s not.

As you can see, we will miss many opportunities if we don’t upload various types of products.

That’s why we built PODtomatic V2 this way.

Our members will have so many product types in many different niches.

And hopefully, we will make a lot more sales this Q4 (can’t wait for it).

I’ll share more stats with you later.

Alright, I’m off to sleep now.

Talk soon,

​—Bank K.

P.S. Have you heard about the new update to ChatGPT? It’s called GPT-4o and it just released today.

My team is very excited and sees many opportunities to use it in the print-on-demand industry, especially in PODtomatic.

Would you like to know more about it? It’s a bit technical, but if you’re interested, I’ll write about it in the next email.

Just reply and let me know if you want to learn more.

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