A product will sell well if the quote is NEW and not just a General Gag.

Okay, you already know how to determine what kind of quotes to put on print-on-demand products.

Now it’s time to find or write quotes that will sell.

Find – means searching for EXISTING quotes on the internet.

Write – means you create NEW quotes.

These two methods produce different results.

Let’s start with the first one: Find.

I mostly found quotes this way when I was starting out. It’s easy and you can get results quickly.

There are three sources I usually use to find quotes:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Google Images

Using the first two sources, Amazon and Etsy, you can easily find quotes that sell by searching for the top-selling products in the niche you want.

For example, if you want to find quotes for Mother’s Day products, search Amazon or Etsy using keywords like “Mom Mug” or “Mother’s Day Gifts”.

You’ll find tons of products, and you can see which ones have been selling well.

Check the ones that have many customer reviews. The more customer reviews, the more sales that product has made.

Then, use the quotes on these products to create your designs.

Don’t copy it exactly. Create your own design.

To find quotes this way, you have to be concerned about trademarks. Some quotes contain trademarked words.

Like this:

I never dreamed I would be a Super Cool [NICHE], but here I am, killing it.

// Super Cool is a trademark.

World’s Best Boss

// The whole quote is trademarked.

I used these words on my products in the past and the trademark owners charged me with copyright infringement.

Those products were hardly selling, but they almost got my account suspended.

You need to be aware of this if you want to find quotes this way. Make sure you find the general quotes that don’t contain trademarked words or phrases.

Anyway, as I said, products with these quotes usually don’t sell well because they’ve been around for a long time.

Other sellers do the same thing. They copy quotes, create their designs, and sell their products.

You’re not the first to use this idea. 😛

That’s why you often see people ask questions like, “Is print-on-demand dead?”

I’ve been asked this question thousands of times in the past few years.

Well, if you use popular quotes that other people have been using for years, you probably won’t sell many products.

But I can assure you that POD is not dead yet. 🙂

There are two ways to make existing quotes work.

  • Find the newest bestselling quotes and use them before other people do.
  • Put existing bestselling quotes on new products.

With the first method, trust me, when you know a quote is good for selling, other people will use it before you do.

So, skip that one.

I mostly find my new winning products using the second method.

When I got started print-on-demand, I sold t-shirts on Teespring, which was the top-selling t-shirt platform at the time.

I had a few winning t-shirts.

When many new t-shirt sellers entered the market, selling t-shirts got a bit more difficult.

So, I launched a Shopify store and started selling other kinds of products, starting with coffee mugs.

I just used the same quotes from my top-selling t-shirts to create new designs for my coffee mugs.

I sold a ton of those mugs.

Then, when I found it was getting difficult to sell coffee mugs, I started selling bracelets and keychains from Laser Chili, a company I launched with my friends.

I did the same thing again: I took quotes from my top-selling coffee mugs and t-shirts and put them on bracelets and keychains.

And now I’ve sold tons of bracelets and keychains.

You can see the lifecycle of my quotes. They’ve been moving from one product to another for many years.

T-shirts > Coffee Mugs > Bracelets > Keychains > Whatever Comes Next.

This is the easiest way to reuse successful quotes and make tons of sales.

Okay, that’s to find quotes that sell.

Another ‘better’ but (a bit) more difficult way is to write new quotes.

Original quotes for print-on-demand products can produce tons of sales if the quotes touch people’s hearts.

I’ve done it many times. I’ve found that new quotes give you a good chance to create new winning products.

BUT I didn’t write those quotes myself. I’m not a native English speaker, so writing amusing quotes in that language is hard for me.

And different niches tend to enjoy different kinds of humor.

So, I hired native speakers to do niche research and write new quotes targetting the niches I requested.

I gave them the tone I wanted for the messages, let them know who the senders and receivers were, and asked them to write new quotes.

This is a good way to get fresh quotes. Your products will show quotes people have never seen before.

And your shop will be the only one where people can buy a product with a new quote.

The problem is that it’s expensive to hire creative people to write new quotes.

Most of them charge $5 per quote or more.

The work requires a high degree of creativity. I accept that.

But if I want new 500 quotes, I need to pay a writer at least $2,500.

That’s expensive, especially when I still need to spend money on ads to test whether the quotes are effective or not.

After doing this for a while, I figured I had to find another way to come up with new quotes…