FIVE Steps to Make FIVE Figures Selling Print-on-Demand on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

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Both Mother’s and Father’s Day are special events when we can make tons of sales from selling print-on-demand products on Amazon, Etsy, and other marketplaces.

Some people I know made over five figures last year from selling funny coffee mugs on Mother’s Day alone.

Surprisingly, they didnt spend a dime on ads.

Yes, you read that correctly. They did not spend a dime on ads.

They didn’t even have real products or inventory.

All print-on-demand products are made to order and we don’t have to pay the production cost upfront.

That’s the beauty of this business model.

While many people are trying to find a way to fight the Facebook ads algorithm or their new policy (recently, CBO for example), there is a small group of people who don’t follow the trend but can make tons of sales using the alternative method.

Don’t get me wrong. My main business is selling physical products using Facebook ads. It heavily relies on paid traffic.

We keep creating new ads, optimizing them, and learning the new way to scale them. We’ve done it for many years and Facebook ads have been the main lifeblood of our business.

Anyway, although my main business relies on Facebook and Google ads, I also set up a small team (of two people) to build and grow the small side hustle.

Personally, I prefer selling print-on-demand products using this low-hanging model than using paid traffic, because I don’t have to spend much time on it.

I don’t have to involve myself in the business and I have more time to do the other things I love 🙂

In past Mother’s and Father’s days, I actually made over five figures.

Last year, this *small team* started listing some coffee mugs related to mothers and fathers in January, and I found that some of them started selling well in March and April.

(Mother’s Day in the US is on the second Sunday in May.)

These low-selling mugs caught my eye and I did a few things to *scale up*. As a result, they sold for over five figures during Mother’s Day alone.

Before Father’s Day, I did the same thing. I checked the selling stats and found some of the good-selling mugs related to fathers.

I did the same things I did for the Mother’s Day to *scale up*  and BOOM! I made almost five figures on Father’s Day as well.

From my own stats, I noticed that we can make tons of sales during these two special days.

The total sales from these two days are second to what we usually do in Q4, which is the top shopping season of the year.

Okay, the traffic volume might not be as high as the end-of-the-year shopping season, but the competition is a LOT lower.

The gift types that people will purchase in Q4 vary, such as TVs, Xbox, cookware, jewelry, etc.

Many people purchase some products for themselves too because most of the shops offer a very huge discount at the end of the year.

But Mother’s and Father’s Day are different.

The products that people will purchase for these days are quite unique. Many people will purchase a gift for their parents.

Most usually look for the gift that can best represent how much they love their mom or dad.

Print-on-demand products is one type of gift-based product where we can add a meaningful or funny message to it and give it to someone we love.

It’s a very unique gift that son or daughter can give to their mom or dad.

I found that it’s very easy to sell this kind of product, and one of my coffee mugs was featured as the top 50 selling novelty coffee mugs on Amazon last year.

Anyway, what we have to do is to find the winning products to sell on this upcoming Mother’s and Father’s Day first.

Then we can scale from the sale stats we have and crush tons of sales from these two special days.

Let’s move on to implementation…

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