How to Make $100 a day Selling Print-on-Demand Bracelets on Amazon

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I just discovered another way to sell more bracelets on Amazon.

I’ve made more than $100 a day using this method.

That said, I don’t want you to start out with high expectations. That’s why I wrote “$100 a day.”

That amount seems more realistic than over $1,000 a day, right?

If you learn this method and keep using it, you could make over $100 a day for sure.

But what exactly is this method?

Let’s get into it.

Why Sell Bracelets?

There are three main products I’ve been selling over the past years: coffee mugs, shot glasses, and travel mugs.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know this.

But the market has changed. Many new sellers have entered the market, so I’ve had to adapt.

That’s why I’m focusing on selling bracelets.

Fewer Competitors

If you Google “how to make money from print on demand”, you’ll find plenty of articles recommending that you sell t-shirts or coffee mugs.

These have been top-selling print-on-demand products for many years.

But a lot of people are selling these products. There’s a lot of competition in the t-shirt and coffee mug spaces.

I’ve been selling t-shirts and coffee mugs for years because they’re easy to sell. People wear t-shirts and use coffee mugs in their everyday life.

However, after many newcomers started entering the market, I began selling other types of products.

When everyone zigs, I zag.

My team did some research on AliExpress to find other print-on-demand products to sell – and we came across some interesting engraved bracelets.

We started promoting them using Facebook Ads, and BOOM! We made tons of sales in a very short time.

This happened because the product was new. There was much less competition in the bracelet space.

The takeaway? If you want to make tons of sales, you need to be unique and different.

Huge Margins

If you sell a coffee mug, you can sell it for $19.95 or less.

You can charge more, but few people will buy a coffee mug that costs more than $20.  

It costs between $10 and $12 to produce and ship one coffee mug, depending on the POD supplier you choose.

That means you’ll have a margin of just $8-10, excluding advertising fees.

So, let’s say you can make $3 in profit after the advertising fees for each coffee mug you sell.

If one customer asks for a refund for some reason, you’ll need to sell 3-4 coffee mugs to cover the loss.

I was selling tons of coffee mugs a few years ago, but it’s very difficult to profit from them at the moment.

That’s why I’ve recently started selling bracelets.

The cost of one bracelet is LOW, but we can it sell at a HIGH price.

At Laser Chili, we offer a bracelet for around $9.90 including shipping (in the US) to our POD sellers.

I normally sell a bracelet for $29.95, including shipping.

That’s a $20 margin. I have $20 left for advertising. That’s not bad. And it’s much easier to sell this kind of product.

Simple Design

Apart from the lower competition and high margin, I like selling bracelets because it’s easy to create designs for them.

The space on a bracelet for an engraved message is very small, so the design doesn’t need to be complex. It can’t be. There’s not enough room.

All of my winning bracelets contain simple, center-aligned messages, like this:

You can create designs like this quickly and easily.

My graphic designer creates designs like this for around $0.02 per design.

Okay, these are a few of the reasons why I prefer selling bracelets.

They offer less competition, and high margins, and it’s easy to create designs for them.

How to Make $100 a Day from Selling Bracelets

Now let’s talk about how to make money from selling bracelets.

We’ll go over the basic steps:

You can read about these topics in detail in my Print-on-Demand Mini-Course.

They are the basic steps, and I’ve often written about them in this blog.

But today, I’ll talk about something new.

Since the title of this article is How to Make $100/day Selling Print-on-Demand Bracelets on Amazon, I’ll share with you what I’ve been doing recently to make a lot more sales with less effort.

Start with Amazon FBA

After my team listed tons of bracelets in my Amazon Store, after a while I found I’d made many sales from a couple of bracelets.

As I always do, I turned them into Amazon FBA products to gain an unfair advantage from Amazon.

At Laser Chili, we have an Amazon FBA service. POD sellers can order bracelets, and we’ll ship them to Amazon for them.

Fun fact: I use the same service and pay the same rate, even though I’m a co-founder of my company!

If a bracelet sells more than three units in a couple of months, I send that product to the Amazon Warehouse in batches of 10 units at a time.

If it sells out fast (like, within a month), I’ll send more to Amazon – like, 50 units of each bracelet.

Promote FBA Bracelets using Amazon Ads

What I do differently from the past is promote all my FBA bracelets using Amazon Ads as soon as they’re available to sell as FBA products.

Amazon Ads can be high-performing if you’re selling physical products.

On Facebook, you need to interrupt people to sell your product. They come across your ad when they’re scrolling through their News Feed. They’re not looking to buy anything.

On Amazon, people are primed to buy something. If they search for something related to your product, Amazon will show your product to them.

And the conversion rates tend to be very high because people on Amazon are usually ready to buy.

I used to use Amazon Ads to promote my FBA products that weren’t selling well.

I used the ads to clear out my low-sales products from the warehouse and pay lower inventory fees.

But now I use Amazon Ads from the get-go. I want them to be the main traffic source for my products.  

It takes me just a few minutes to create an ad campaign for each product.

Here’s how I do it.

First, I create a Sponsored Products campaign to promote one bracelet. One campaign, one bracelet:

Here are the settings I use:

I choose Automatic targeting and Dynamic bids – up and down as the campaign’s bidding strategy.

With Automatic Targeting, Amazon decides where to show the ad. I don’t have to set any keywords or do placement targeting.

In the Up and Down bidding strategy, Amazon will adjust the bidding cost based on the situation. I don’t have to adjust it.

You simply add the product you want to promote to the campaign and launch it.

That’s it.

This is my simple setup, and it’s produced good results.

Of course, not all products will sell well just because you’re using Amazon Ads. No biggie!

Just pause the ads for non-performing products and move on to the next one.

Overall, what I’ve just described is the same technique I used when I promoted products using Facebook Ads:

  • Launch ads
  • Pause the bad ones
  • Scale the good ones
  • Repeat.

Very simple.

If any product performs well, send more inventory to the Amazon warehouse ASAP. Don’t keep it out of stock for a long time.

I’ve found that if my stock of a good-selling product runs out and the product stops selling as a result, the sales performance will drop significantly once the product is sellable again.

Always have a solid inventory of your top-selling products.

Profit Calculation

To make good profits using this method, you need to know your numbers.

I normally sell a bracelet for $29.95 on Amazon.

The cost of one bracelet is around $5 from Laser Chili.

This is excluding the shipping. You will pay the packing and shipping fees to Amazon.

Amazon’s packing and shipping fees are around $9.

That leaves a $15-16 margin for each bracelet you sell.

To sell a bracelet through Amazon Ads, I set the cost per purchase for one bracelet at $10. If a campaign makes a sale at a cost higher than this, I’ll pause the campaign.

When you run ads, you need to know much of a margin you have to know how much you can spend on ads. Don’t run ads if you’re incurring losses.


You can use this method to make over $100/day from selling bracelets on Amazon.

Let’s me recap the steps:

  • List tons of bracelets in various niches.
  • Pick the ones that sell best and make them FBA products.
  • Promote them using Amazon Ads.
  • Pause the ads for non-performing products.
  • Keep a well-stocked inventory of your winning products.
  • Repeat.

That’s it!

Keep doing this, and you could make a lot more sales once you have a bunch of winning products.

Good luck!

—Bank K.

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  1. Hi Bank, thanks for sharing this!

    How do you scale a campaign once you found a winner?

    Have you also tried manual targeting?

    And does this also work for non-FBA products or are conversions too low to be profitable?

    • Hey Alex!

      I just basically set up the budget rule in Amazon Ads.

      I set the rule to increase the budget by 10% if the ROAS is great than 2 daily.

      (BTW, Amazon doesn’t have the rule to decrease budget lol)

      I also try the manual targeting too but the result from automatic targeting is far better so I stick to this one.

      Non-FBA with Ads doesn’t work for me yet.

  2. Hi Bank!

    Wow, this blog is an absolute gem (as your blogs always are)! You provide so much quality content every single time you post, Bank, honestly!

    I just can’t believe how you always seem to answer my questions as I am wanting to ask them. Seriously! Actually, I did ask them this time in an email to you just recently but here they are all answered for me in your blog! Amazing!

    Thank you also for the explanation on the Amazon Ads! That is such good and valuable training! I am going to use it for a few mugs I have in FBA that don’t seem to be selling! Everything here is set out so methodically, Bank!

    By the way, you also have me excited again and as always wanting more than ever to get started with LaserChili that I have had now for too long without getting going! Thank you for the nudging!

    Hey, but those bracelets must be such a tremendous opportunity, Bank and thank you for bringing it to our attention. You are such a wonderful Teacher, Coach and Mentor!

    Thank you for all you do. Looking forward to your next installment :D.

    Your No. 1 fan and keenest student who always wants to learn from you

    • Hello brother!

      Thank you very much for your kind comment. I’m really glad I wrote what you’re looking for 🙂

      BTW, I don’t recommend you to use Amazon Ad for a coffee mug (unless you want to clear it from the inventory).

      Because the profit from selling a coffee mug is very thin, you might make a few profits (or a few losses) from it if you use the ad.

      Good luck on your POD Journey! 🙂

  3. Hello again my good and faithful Brother Bank!

    Oh, okay, thank you for that very valuable tip and reminder! Yes, understand! Thank you also for the good wishes as I get back on track with my POD journey.

    All the very best to you as well, my wonderful teacher, coach and mentor. I always feel so very encouraged and inspired by you with all that you teach us.

    Thank you for leading the way and holding the light above our path.

    Forever your fan and follower
    Bro Lindz

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