Best Selling Niche Ideas for Mother’s Day

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So, there I was, sitting at my desk, staring at my laptop screen with a cup of coffee by my side when I saw a rather staggering statistic.

I wouldn’t say I like suspense, so I’d spill the beans right away.

I found that people spend an average of 23.6 billion dollars in total retail shopping and gift buying for women all around the year.

That is typically about $186 spent per person if you look at it on a one-on-one scale. This is a large sum, and of this, Mother’s Day is the 3rd largest retail holiday in the US.

That’s crazy if you ask me!

And to be very honest, I wouldn’t expect anything less. I mean, a whole lot of people only get to honor their mothers on this day.

So, what better way to celebrate it than to gift this special woman a special gift, right?

As a print-on-demand seller, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to refine your target audience by the trending holiday. This would help you tailor your products to suit their possible needs and the niche’s trendy demand.

This is the right time to list products in generic niches, except if you are listing products for evergreen niches that would probably be in need all year long.

However, one of the best skills you can have as a POD seller is the ability to foresee a big sales opportunity from months away and prepare properly ahead.

You can only do this by having your calendar marked for all the major sales holidays.

When you’re creating your products, you should also consider special events and holidays. These are the power-ups of the POD business.

They are special times when you can increase the price of your products and still sell like crazy!

So, when creating products, you should consider them. Here are some holidays that drive the sales of POD items up:

  • New Year Day – January 1st
  • Valentine’s Day – February 14th
  • Mother’s Day – Second Sunday in May
  • Father’s Day – Third Sunday in June
  • Halloween – October 31st
  • Veterans Day – November 11th
  • Thanksgiving – the 4th Thursday of November.
  • Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving
  • Cyber Monday – the Monday after the Thanksgiving
  • Green Monday – the 2nd Monday of December
  • Free Shipping Day – December 14th
  • Christmas Day – December 25th
  • Boxing Day – December 26th

So, the next on our list is Mother’s Day, and it’s about to get big!

Trust me when I tell you that Mother’s Day is a good season to sell print-on-demand products.

However,  it might be very competitive if you create only general mother’s day products because most sellers will create products this way.

Try creating products for narrow niches with little competition.

For other products now, I have tons of “Engineer Mugs,” “Nurse Mugs,” and “Camo Face Masks” in my Etsy shop. This way, I would attract a defined audience rather than throwing my net into the ocean and hoping that it would catch anything.

The same principle can be effectively applied when trying to create products for your Mother’s Day products. You don’t have to do what others are doing. That is not how to stand out and sell big.

If you want to sell big, I mean 6-figures kind of sh*t, other niches have lower competitors, and you can make great sales out of them in this Mother’s Day sales.

So, here’s what I’d be doing in this article. I’d show you some of the best-selling Mother’s Day niches ideas.

There are many other ways to think about Mother’s Day gift ideas if you take your time to critically explore the market and research the different pockets of sales opportunities that you can leverage on.

So, it’s not about having the most products but having products spread across the widest niches.

Let’s do this!

Alternative Selling Niches for Mother’s Day

One thing you have to get as a print-on-demand seller is that planning, preparation, and marketing of holiday-related products shouldn’t happen in a rush.

It should be done a few months in advance. That is the only way you won’t miss out on billion-dollar holidays such as Mother’s Day.

Now, I’d tell you the best part of all of these. Probably about 29% of Mother’s Day purchases happen online, and most are impulse buys.

This means that if your product is attractive enough, you can get sales from people who didn’t intend to place an order in the first place.

But today, we are not talking about Mother’s Day product designs and quote ideas. Maybe some other time.

Let’s stick with exploring the right niches to ensure that you have your products right where they ought to be.

Here are a few product niches that you should list ahead of Mother’s Day in 2021:

Son to Mom (Bestseller)

Is it just me, or are moms closer to their sons and dads to their daughters?

I don’t know how true that is, but I do know that statistics don’t lie, and statistics say that sons get more gifts for the mothers than daughters.

This is why the “son to mom” niche has remained a best seller year in, year out.

I know for a fact that moms enjoy being recognized. This is why this holiday is so great, and products often sell well.

However, it would help if you understood that creating products with ‘Mother’s Day themes can narrow the use and relevance of such products to one day.

Instead, try focusing on creating products that can be worn or used all year round. So, if your message has a generic “Coolest Mom Ever,” this will increase how often the product can be used and more people’s chances to buy it for their own moms.

And it doesn’t go without saying that being a mom is a badge of honor that moms wear every day.

So, technically, every day is Mother’s Day. A less narrow message can play a great role in your ability to sell a product well.

Daughter to Mom

Don’t get carried away with creating products for sons that you forget that the ‘daughter to mom’ niche is probably the second highest-selling niche in the entire holiday.

Don’t slack! Add classic mugs with amazing quotes that would be fascinating for buyers.

Some good examples of quotes you can play around with are like;

“First my Mother, Forever my Friend”

“The Love between a Mother and a Daughter is forever”

“To the World, you might just be a Mom, but to me, you’re the World”

Or you could go for a more funky quote such as “Of all the Vagina’s in the World, I’m so glad that I tumbled out of yours.”

When it comes to creating products for Mother’s Day, I would strongly recommend adding diverse kinds of gift items and products.

While a classic coffee mug is a must-have in your store, a daughter buyer would prefer more on the feminine side; a bracelet, a necklace, maybe.

It would help if you tried getting some of these products up so that you can enjoy massive sales from buyers in this niche.

Dad to Mom

We cannot rule out the power of sweet romance between married couples during holidays like this.

One of the best ways to show your wife how much she means to you is celebrating her on mother’s day.

And trust me, there are thousands of dads out there who would be willing to part with some cash to see their sweetheart smile on Mother’s Day.

When you are creating your products, look out for quotes that can captivate users in this category.

You can come up with cute quotes like “You are the best mom for my children”, “Thank you for being an amazing mom to all of us”, and so on.

New Child to New Mom

This probably the cutest thing you can ever do to an expecting parent, in this case, a mother.

The idea is to create a product on behalf of a baby that is yet to be born, addressing either of the parents. It is a great gift for both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

One of the best products you can list in this category is a Sonogram mug.

A sonogram mug has the image of the baby’s ultrasound and a cute quote directed towards either the father or the mother.

A new dad can buy this product for a new mom.

A mom’s first Mother’s Day is an important occasion. So design with them in mind!

Although this is a more personalized design that would require you to get the ultrasound picture from the buyer, you can still put a mug design with the quote.

You can put up quotes such as:

“Dear Mommy, This year I’m still in your tummy but next year’s Mother Day, I will be cuddling you!”

“Dear Mommy, I can’t wait to meet you and have our first cuddle. Love from your favorite Bump”

“Dear Mommy, I can’t wait to see you. You’re doing a great job. You’re my hero already! Love from the Tummy”

You can explore quotes like these. They would come in handy when trying to find the right Mother’s Day gift for an expecting mother.

Dog Dad to Dog Mom (New Child)

This is a fantastic area to get into. People love their animal friends.

Some even go as far as acting as a pseudo mom or dad for their fur-babies. I also love dogs. But they take up time, love, and attention. And I can’t deal!

A great area that you can make a lot of sales is when a dog mom finally gives birth to a human child.

Dog dads can get really cool gifts that cutely bear the message. A mug with the quote “Promoted from Dog Mom to Human Mom” is a great example!

Other great product examples can have quotes such as “Only the Best fur Moms get promoted to Human Moms.”

Dog to Dog Mom

You should not miss out on this huge area of Moms that chose an alternative responsibility such as dogs.

You can choose to be breed-specific or personal. Personalized dog mugs can come with a message from the dog, with the dog’s name attached.

A dog mom can get this kind of product for herself. However, if she has a boyfriend or husband, he might buy it for her too.

Some cool gifts can come with quotes such as “I lick my bum before I lick your face. Happy Mother’s Day from (Dog’s name)”, “Happy Mother Day from (Dog’s name), I woof you!”

Another good example you can use is “Happy Mother’s Day, Thank you for all the belly rubs.”

Cat to Cat Mom

Cats are as popular as dogs, so you might want to tap into this market as well.

You can create great products with cute quotes from the cats directed towards the cat moms.

You can also make personalized products with the name of the cat on the product.

Cat mom Mother’s Day quotes can be as simple as “World’s Best Cat Mum” to more exciting ones like “Dear Cat Mum, Thank you for being my mom. If another woman was my mom, I would piss on her shoes, claw up her face and run back to you.”

Grandchild to Grandma/Grandpa

I know, I know, there is grandmother’s day on September 8th. I get it! But it is not too bad if you can get a little love on this day as well.

You can create and list products with really cool quotes that can be used as gifts from grandchild to grandmother or grandfather.

There are tons of really cool product ideas out there that you can tweak and make use of.

You can create products with quotes such as “49% Grandma, 51% Badass”, “World’s Best Grandmother”, “Best ‘Effin Grandmother Ever”, and so on.

The goal is to be creative and to create products that can attract the right audience and get people to buy.

Stepchild to Stepmom

We cannot overlook the great impact of most stepmoms in the lives of their stepkids.

Not all stepmothers are like Cinderella’s. Some are actually as cool as the fairy godmother and worthy of celebration.

These ladies have stepped into the Mom role and need a shout-out as well. So, you should create products here.

I think I should also add that this niche is huge, so don’t miss out on the opportunity here.

You can make use of great quotes such as “Anyone can be a mom, but it takes someone special to be a stepmom” or “The only thing better than having you as a stepmom is having you as a friend”.

These are charming examples!

Adopted kids to Adoptive Moms

Another niche of amazing ladies to keep in mind are the adoptive mamas out there. There are many adopted kids out there who have had the best experience with their adoptive moms.

Some might want to get a cool gift to show how much they appreciate these moms and show how much they mean to them.

You can play around with quotes like “World’s Best Adoptive Mom”, “Thank You for loving me as your own”, or you could say, “You are just like a mom, only much cooler!”.


A huge population of ladies out there does not have kids of their own yet, but their nieces and nephews definitely fit the bill.

So, you might want to keep this group of ladies in mind when creating your products. Try using quotes such as “Promoted to Aunt” for new aunts.

Other ideas you can play around with include stuff like “Best ‘Effin Auntie!”

Dads that are a mom too

YES! There are some men out there who are playing the double role of mom and dad.

Some you should try listing products for dads who are both parents.

Sure, you might say that let’s wait till Father’s day. But some kids might want to celebrate their superhero dads who wear both capes and aprons.

You can work with really inspiring quotes such as “Dear Dad, Thank you for being the world’s best mom.”  A personalized message would also come in handy for this niche.

Profession + Mom Niche (Case 1)

You can never go wrong with professional niches when it comes to gifting.

The first niche you can create products for is for kids in a particular profession who would buy this mug for their moms.

Let me explain better.

You can create a mug that says “Only the Best Moms raise Engineers” or “The Best kind of Moms raises a Doctor”.

This means that the kid is a doctor who would give it to his/her mom on this special day in appreciation of all the indelible efforts that she has put in getting them to where they are today.

Profession + Mom Niche (Case 2)

The second case is for moms who are also professionals. You can add quotes like “Only the Best Moms are Doctors” or “Never underestimate a Woman who is also an Engineer.”

This is a way to send a powerful message to moms that they are duly celebrated and their efforts are appreciated.

Men/Women to Mother in Law

Yeah, you must not forget this category of ladies. And trust me, even if you want to, they won’t let you. They are in your life, and they are here to stay.

Ladies with this title need some recognition for sure. You can make some good money as a print-on-demand seller by listing products targeted at these ladies on Mother’s Day.

And please, don’t just stick to the “Best Mother-in-Law” quotes.

Try to be more creative and inventive. I mean, you can try something like “If Mother In Laws were flowers, I would pick you”, or “Thank you for sharing your son with me, Happy Mother’s Day”.

You can also add a more cute touch with quotes like “Thank you for raising your son to be the man of my dreams, Happy Mother’s Day” or “The only better than being married to your son is having you as my mother-in-law.” 


Some teachers and lecturers play a vital role in the lives of a lot of students.

This group of ladies does a lot for society in general, and everybody knows a super awesome one.

So, consider this as a great way to show them some love. It doesn’t have to be a mushy quote.

Something like “Thank you for helping me grow” or “I couldn’t have become a (add profession) without you” can do well in the market.

Further Ideas for Mother’s Day Product Personalization

You can take your products one step further by creating personalized products from these niches.

You can use the above niches and try to make them personalized.

This means that buyers can add their names, a personalized message, or a customized design for their loved ones.

Personalized designs might take a lot of time but they are always worth it.

People on Etsy love personalized products so much. Some might even offer to pay much more than your regular product prices.


So, there you have it!

As you can see, many of these niches are untapped yet with so much sales potential. You can use these ideas to create products, so you make more sales.

With fewer competitors, your chances of making 6-figures from this Mother’s Day is more attainable than listing generic products and entering a tug of war with thousands of other sellers.

If you play your SEO cards right and you start listing your products early enough, you might even be able to rank at the top of the major search results for the relevant keywords in these niches.

—Bank K.

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