Our Products (Course and Service)

Solopreneur Profits eBook

Escape 9-to-5, Start Making $500 a Month or More, and Build a Profitable Online Business in Just 60 Minutes a Day.

PODTurbo (Automated POD System)

PODTurbo is an automated system that helps people create and publish print-on-demand products to multiple marketplaces with less effort so they can earn consistent passive income from their product sales.


Create and Upload Print-on-Demand Products to Amazon and Etsy DAILY in just 5 MINUTES!

Build and grow print-on-demand business automagically.
No need to hire VA or graphic designer!

A.I. Quote

Are you selling print-on-demand products but tired of writing quotes yourself?

This writing bot will help you come up with new quotes. You don’t have to sit and think them up yourself.

1-Hour System (1HS)

If you want to build a part-time business selling print-on-demand products on Amazon in just one hour a week (or less), this could be the perfect system for you.

Scale King Method (SKM)

5 Steps To Scale Your Facebook Ads Campaigns to $59,862.94 in Daily Sales in Just a Few Days.

Even if you’ve found that previous Facebook Scaling Methods haven’t worked for you in the past, let me show you how the Simple Scaling Strategy I use can make all the difference.

Mother’s Day Mini-Course

The 6,000-word Mini-Course describes all the methods I have used to earn over 6-figures annually by selling tons of coffee mugs, shot glasses, travel mugs, tumblers, wine glasses, and other POD items on the Mother’s and Father’s Day.