The Ultimate Guide to Making $76,080.6++ a Year Selling Coffee Mugs on Amazon

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Hey there, it’s me, Bank K. 

I’m excited to share my incredible journey of making $70,000++ selling coffee mugs on Amazon in the past year. 

It’s one of the easiest ways to make money from the internet, and I’m proof that you can do it, too.

Want to see proof?

Check this:

In the past 365 days, I’ve sold around 3,500 coffee mugs, raking in approximately $70,000 in sales. 

I priced each mug at around $21.90, including shipping, which means I’ve made around $10 in profit for every single mug sold, totaling an impressive $35,000 in profit over the year. 

And the best part? It’s all done passively. I rarely found myself chained to my desk working on this mug business.

Now, you might wonder, “How did you do it, and can I do it too?” 

Well, stick around because, in this article, I’m going to spill the beans on how you can follow and brew your success with coffee mugs on Amazon. 

Let’s dive in!

The Mug Business Model

I’ll give you the lowdown on this mug business model and how it all works on Amazon. 

So, grab your favorite brew and let’s dive in.

What’s this mug business model all about? 

Well, it’s all about selling mugs, and not just a few – we’re talking loads of them – on Amazon. 

Why Amazon, you ask? 

Because it’s the top marketplace in the world. Millions of people enter Amazon daily to buy many things. 

You only need a slice of that traffic pie to make a pretty penny.

But here’s the catch: there are thousands of sellers out there peddling coffee mugs on Amazon too. 

To stand out and snag some of that precious traffic, you’ll need to have a boatload of coffee mugs. 

In my case, I’ve got around 60,000 coffee mugs in my Amazon account.

No worries; it’s easier than it sounds, and I’ll show you how.

In this business model, we’re going to create coffee mugs for different kinds of people, especially those in various professions. 

Why professions, you ask? 

Well, there are several good benefits for selling coffee mugs for various professions.

  • First, you can cash in on a variety of keywords related to professions. Think “Engineer Coffee Mug,” “Nurse Mug,” “Trucker Mug,” and the list goes on.
  • Second, when you compare these profession niches to more common ones like mom, dad, son, or daughter mugs, you’ll find fewer competitors. Less competition means more opportunities for you.
  • Third, even though professions individually might not have the highest traffic, combine them, and you’ve got a tidal wave of potential customers.
  • Fourth, many people are on the hunt for coworker gifts during special occasions – appreciation days, Christmas, New Year, birthdays, and so on. Coffee mugs make fantastic, budget-friendly gifts that people use every day.
  • Fifth, coffee mugs are timeless gifts. They’re practical, affordable, and appreciated by nearly everyone.

Now, you might be thinking,

“60,000 coffee mugs? That sounds overwhelming!” 

Don’t fret; I’ll prove that building up your inventory is a piece of cake. So, are you ready to jump into the mug-selling game? 

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Make a List of 200 Professions

Alright, we’re ready to get creative and make coffee mugs for folks from all kinds of jobs. 

But first things first, we need a list of professions

Here’s how you can do it:

There are tons of different jobs people do, right?

Well, we’re going to make coffee mugs for many of them. 

Doctors, engineers, teachers, police officers, artists, chefs, and so many more.

So, open up your web browser and go to Google.

Type in things like “Top Professions in the US,” “High-Paying Jobs in the US,” or whatever you like. 

Hit that search button.

Google will give you a bunch of different jobs. 

Write them down in a Google Sheet. It’ll come in handy for your print-on-demand business.

Aim to have a list of at least 200 professions.

The more, the merrier! So keep searching and adding them to your list.

That’s it! You’re on your way to creating coffee mugs for all sorts of hardworking people.

Step 2: Find 100 Substituted Quotes

Now, it’s time to find some awesome quotes to go with those professions we listed earlier. 

We’ll make things even easier with something I like to call…

“Substituted Quotes.” 

Let me explain what these are and why they’re so great.

Substituted Quotes: These are like magical quotes that can work with many different jobs. 

Imagine having a quote that says, “Keep Calm, I’m an Engineer.” 

Well, you can switch out “Engineer” with other jobs. 

So you get, 

  • “Keep Calm, I’m a Teacher” 
  • “Keep Calm, I’m a Nurse” 
  • “Keep Calm, I’m a Doctor” 
  • and so on.

Here’s another Example: 

“Best Engineer Ever.” 

Swap out “Engineer” and you’ve got: 

  • “Best Teacher Ever” 
  • “Best Nurse Ever” 
  • “Best Doctor Ever” 
  • and more.

Why Substituted Quotes are awesome? 

They save you loads of time and give you endless possibilities. 

With these Substituted Quotes, you can make a ton of different coffee mugs for different professions.

How to Find Substituted Quotes:

Check Amazon and Etsy: Go on these websites and look at top-selling products. See what quotes are on them. Just make sure these quotes aren’t copyrighted.

From this example, you’ve got:

  • A truly great {PROFESSION} is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget.
  • Being a {PROFESSION} is easy. It’s like riding a bike. Except the bike is on fire. You’re on fire. Everything is on fire.
  • Best {PROFESSION} Ever.

Easy, right?

Use ChatGPT: Another cool trick is to use ChatGPT, a clever AI. It can help you come up with these Substituted Quotes.

Aim for 100: Try to find about 100 of these Substituted Quotes. They’ll be your secret weapon!

So, put on your thinking cap and start gathering those awesome quotes.

When you combine these 100 Substituted Quotes with the 200 professions from the previous step, you’ve got a grand total of 20,000 quotes in no time.

Step 3: Create 20,000 Designs for Your 20,000 Quotes

Okay, so now you’ve got those 20,000 quotes, and it’s time to turn them into cool designs. 

But don’t get overwhelmed by the big number—here’s the secret: 20,000 designs aren’t as crazy as they sound. 

In fact, it’s more like creating 100 designs, and I’ll show you how.

Let’s Break It Down:

  • You have 100 original quotes, right?
  • You can use each of these quotes with 200 different professions.
  • That means, for each of the 100 original quotes, you only need to create one design and just switch out one word to match the profession. 
  • For example, you’d change “Engineer” to “Teacher,” “Nurse,” “Doctor,” and so on.

Fast Design Tools:

You might be thinking, “How can I create all these designs without going crazy?” 

Well, here’s the trick: you can use design tools like Photoshop or Canva. They make it way easier.

Photoshop Action: If you’re using Photoshop, they have something called “Actions.” It’s like having a little design helper. You can learn more about it here: Photoshop Actions.

Canva’s Bulk Create: Canva is another handy tool. They’ve got a feature called “Bulk Create” that’s perfect for this job. Here’s the link to find out more: Canva Bulk Create.

I won’t dive into all the details here, but you can check out their tutorials on their websites. They’ll walk you through the process, so it’s not as hard as it may seem.

Hiring Graphic Designers:

If you want to make it even faster, you can hire a graphic designer. You’ll just need to explain everything to them, and you can usually work out a reasonable price. 

There are talented designers in the Philippines, and they’re not too pricey. You can find them on websites like onlinejobs.ph.

So, don’t stress about creating thousands of designs—it’s much more manageable than it looks!

Step 4: Use PODTurbo to Create Coffee Mugs, Two Tone Mugs, Shot Glasses, and Travel Mugs

Now that you have your niches, quotes, and designs ready, it’s time to bring your coffee mugs to life and upload them on Amazon. 

But wait, don’t limit yourself to just plain white coffee mugs! 

There are other fantastic options like Two-Tone Coffee Mugs, Shot Glasses, and Travel Mugs. 

These products sell really well, and they have less competition than the classic white coffee mugs.

Here’s the cool part: you can use one design to create all these different products!

With your 20,000 designs, you can generate a whopping 80,000 products.

Now, how do you create and upload all these products quickly? 

That’s where PODTurbo comes in. 

It’s an amazing print-on-demand automation tool that simplifies the process. 

You put in your data, and it does the heavy lifting for you. It even schedules when to upload all these products to your Amazon account. 

That means you can have thousands of products up and ready to go without losing your sanity.

In the next part, I’ll walk you through how to get started with PODTurbo and unleash the power of creating and uploading up to 80,000 products.

Step 4.1 Setup Your PODTurbo Account

There are three important things to do when you start with PODTurbo: 

  • Connect Amazon to PODTurbo
  • Set the Daily Upload Limit
  • Update the Category Template. 

First, you’ll need to connect your Amazon account with PODTurbo. 

This is a straightforward process; all you need to do is head to the Store Connect page within PODTurbo and follow the step-by-step instructions. 

This connection allows PODTurbo to work in sync with your Amazon seller account.

Once your Amazon account is linked, you’ll want to Set the daily upload limit. 

This is the number of products you intend to send to Amazon each day. If your Amazon account is relatively new, it’s advisable to start with a lower limit, say, 5 to 10 products daily. 

As your Amazon account matures, you can gradually increase this limit, potentially reaching up to 200 products per day for older accounts.

Additionally, you’ll need to update the Category Template in PODTurbo. 

*** This is very important. ***

PODTurbo provides default product descriptions and bullet points, but many users rely on these, which can make your listings less unique. 

To stand out, create unique product descriptions for coffee mugs, two-tone mugs, shot glasses, and travel mugs within the Category Template in PODTurbo. 

This customization not only sets your listings apart but also helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Amazon.

The Power of {NICHE} Token: In your product descriptions and bullet points, consider inserting the {NICHE} token a few times. 

The {NICHE} token acts as a placeholder for specific niche keywords related to the professions you’ve selected. 

For instance, if your niche keyword is “Engineer,” PODTurbo will replace {NICHE} with “Engineer” in the product description. 

This adds a personal touch to each listing, making it uniquely tailored to the chosen profession. 

Moreover, this customization is great for SEO as it ensures that your product descriptions contain niche-specific keywords. 

When shoppers search for products using these keywords, your listings are more likely to appear, which can significantly boost your product’s visibility and appeal to potential buyers. 

This means more people are likely to find and purchase your coffee mugs, which is what we want to achieve.

Now, with your PODTurbo account all set up and ready to go, you’re prepared to create and upload a wide variety of coffee mugs, including two-tone mugs, shot glasses, and travel mugs. 

Let’s dive into this exciting journey.

Step 4.2 Upload Products using CSV Upload in PODTurbo

Now that you’ve got everything ready – your niches, quotes, designs, and your PODTurbo account all set up – it’s time to start creating and uploading your products.

How It Works: PODTurbo provides a handy feature called “Add Bulk Products (CSV)”. 

With this, you can put all your product information into a special CSV file (don’t worry if you’re not familiar with what a CSV file is, it’s just a way to organize data like a list). 

You’ll include details like the product title, keywords, and other important info.

Watch this tutorial: To get a good grasp of how to do this, check out this handy tutorial from PODTurbo: How to Add Bulk Products Using a CSV File. 

It’ll show you exactly how to set up your CSV file and use it with PODTurbo.

The Process: In a nutshell, what you’ll do is insert all your product info into this CSV file. After that, you’ll upload it to PODTurbo. 

Then, you’ll need to gather up your design files, zip them up, and upload them to PODTurbo as well. 

Once all this data is in, the system takes over and starts creating your products.

A Smart Trick: To make things faster, tackle one quote at a time

So, for example, if you have a CSV with 1 quote and 200 professions (jobs), this would give you 200 coffee mugs. 

You can then use this same CSV for another product type, like “Shot Glass,” but make sure to tweak the product title and keywords by changing “Coffee Mug” to “Shot Glass.” 

This way, you can get multiple products from the same CSV.

One Batch at a Time: You can upload up to 200 products at once in one CSV. To get all 80,000 products into PODTurbo, it’s going to take some time. 

With a daily upload limit in place (the number of products you set to upload each day), it could take around 400 days in the quickest scenario to finish uploading everything.

Stay Organized: You’ll need about 400 CSV files to prepare all the info for your 80,000 products. 

But don’t worry; this step can be completed in less than a month if you work diligently. 

Once that’s done, the system will take over, creating and uploading your products while you get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

So, let’s get busy and make your PODTurbo work for you!

Step 5: Wait and Improve Your Bestsellers

Now that you’ve done all the hard work, there’s a bit of waiting and fine-tuning left. 

Here’s what you should do:

First, give your PODTurbo some time to upload all your products. This may take a while, so stay patient. Remember, you’ve got 80,000 products to manage – that’s a lot!

As your products start showing up on Amazon’s search results, some of them will begin to make sales. This is the exciting part. Just give it time – it’s all part of the process.

When one of your products makes a sale, take action. 

Go to that product listing in your Amazon account. Now, this is important – you’ll want to optimize it to make it even better.

To do this, you’ll need to improve your product title, description, bullet points, and keywords. These are like the signs you put on your lemonade stand to make it look more appealing.

I’ve got another tool called Jesse PODMan that can help. This tool can write product descriptions and bullet points for you, making it super easy. 

Here’s the link to learn more about how it works: How I Use Jesse PODMan to Write Amazon Product Descriptions

Whenever one of your products makes a sale, be ready to optimize it. This means tweaking and polishing up the product listing so that even more people will want to buy it.

Keep an eye on your sales and stay focused. It’s all about improving the things that are already working well for you. 

You’ve got this.

Step 6: Supercharge Your Sales with Amazon FBA

Time to level up! If you notice some of your products are making around 3-4 sales every month, here’s a smart move – consider turning them into FBA products.

Now, what’s FBA, you might wonder? 

It stands for Fulfillment by Amazon, and it’s like Amazon’s superpower for your products. 

When you make a product FBA, Amazon helps you out by giving it a little boost, which means more people see it and more people buy it.

So, if you’ve got a product that’s doing well, turn it into an FBA product and watch it grow. 

Learn more about this here: How I Choose Winning Print-on-Demand Products for Amazon FBA

Repeat this step for other products that are making good sales until you’ve got a bunch of FBA products working their magic for you.

Step 7: Relax and Watch Your Passive Income Grow

Now that you’ve got your winners and some FBA magic working for you, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the rewards.

Keep an eye on your top-performing products and continue to make them even better. 

As you accumulate more and more FBA products, you’ll notice a beautiful thing happening – passive income.

What’s passive income? It’s like money that comes in while you’re having fun or just relaxing. 

You’ve set up your winning products, optimized them, and now they’re out there doing the work for you.

So, sit back, enjoy life, and let your passive income roll in. 

That’s what this mug business is all about!


And there you have it! 

This is how I’ve been generating passive income for years by selling coffee mugs on Amazon. The best part? You can do it too.

Now, here’s a crucial reminder: this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes time, effort, and lots of products in your Amazon account.

Just like they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and the same goes for your coffee mug business. 

It might not pick up immediately, and that’s normal. So, don’t be discouraged and don’t give up too soon.

Patience is your friend on this journey. 

Stay focused, follow the process, and keep working at it. And soon enough, you’ll start to see the sweet rewards of your efforts.

So, go ahead, give it a try, and remember to enjoy the journey!

—Bank K.

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